Justin James

Justin James


Welcome to the Sounds of Southern California* Singer / songwriter Justin James’ new album Sun Drenched has already received considerable media attention including placements on such shows as MTV's Laguna Beach, The Hills & Maui Fever*


Canadian born Singer/Songwriter Justin James began his career at 7 years old playing cello and a year later he was singing in Canada’s most prestigious traveling choir, the British Columbia Boys Choir. Justin traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe during his formative years.

At 18, Justin James (tired of the cold Canadian winters) found everything he had ever wanted: sunshine, waves, good friends and great times in the Caribbean. He earned just enough money to get by and enjoyed every minute of it. One day, while surfing off the coast of Venezuela, Justin had a run in with a tiger shark. The attack left his foot mangled and detached, a near fatal encounter. Having to endure over a three-hour ride in the back of a truck to the nearest town, Justin lost consciousness and more than half his body’s blood volume. The delicate surgery to reattach his foot took multiple doctors, multiple blood transfusions and over 250 stitches in less than perfect conditions.

During his lengthy recovery and intense physical therapy his grandmother gave him a guitar to pass the time, while bedridden for just under a year. Soon Justin realized he had an uncanny knack for the guitar and song writing that he would never have discovered if it weren’t for his accident. A transformation took place during his recovery: an extremely talented Singer/Songwriter emerged. It was all a blessing in disguise.

Since then Justin has been writing and performing music and has a reputation for a spirited show. He has opened for Switchfoot, Shawn Colvin, Dirty Vegas, Edwin McKane and Alannah Myles to name a few. The Band consists of Ben Greet (guitar) Murf (harmonica), Jeremy Miller (keyboards), Eric Strickler (drums), Peter August (saxophone) and Brendan McKluskey (bass.)

“Music to me has always been about recording songs that make your toes tap, that make you smile, songs that make you want to hang out with your friends on a sunny day at the beach.”

James’ new album Sun Drenched embodies his beliefs and the spirit of his influences: Motown and harmony bands like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and The Doobie Brothers. The album has already received considerable media attention with the first single, California, being used in an episode of MTV’s popular reality show Laguna Beach as well as MTV's The Hills & Maui Fever. Justin James album, Sun Drenched, is release on 10 Spot/Universal Records.



Written By: Justin James

Yeah Ive been outta work its been a long time & I'm down to my last dime
Sitting on the beach with the sand in my feet I'm soaking up the sunshine
Maybe I should care but I don't - I don't know what to tell ya
Yeah...I'm wasted down here in California

I woke up this morning its way past 10 another day here we go again
Thinking bout all the things that I gotta do -Its a whole Lotta nothing
I should get a job but I wont - I wouldn't want to spoil this
Hanging out every day and I'm loving every minute of it

I live in California wasting away on a sunny day
I live down in California I don't mind just feeling fine

Wearing the same old torn up T-Shirt and its giving me a sunburn
I got no where to go and I got nothing to show- yeah but it could be worse
Maybe I should care but I don't - I don't know what to tell ya
I'm wasted down here in California


Yeah Ive been outta work its been a long time and I'm down to my last dime
Spending my days watching time drift away soaking up the sunshine
I should have a job but I don't- I don't know what to tell ya
Yeah I'm wasted down here in California


Right Here Right Now

Written By: Justin James

There’s a piece of you inside of me
And it carries me wherever I go
You’re the one that I turn to
Won’t you promise me that you’ll
Smile just a little while longer
In this lovers’ playground
That we got

Oh right here right now
Oh right here right now

If you change one thing about the world
Just one thing about me now
What would that one thing be?
If you could take just a little piece away
Just a little piece of today
Would you be taking me away with you?

Right here right now
Oh right here right now

People wait too long before they tell the one
Yeah and that’s a shame baby
I wont be afraid to tell you that
I’m only half without you
I don’t need to be reminded
I’ve already decided

Right here right now
Oh right here right now

I found myself just tripping over melodies
Then I found you and it was perfect company
I don’t know if you know just what you been doing to me baby…


California & Right Here Right Now
Singles of the Album -Sun Drenched-
Justin is recieving air play in Southern California*
Justin has his songs played in most malls, gyms, ballparks, large store chains, sporting events, ect...

Set List

Justin James performes the songs off his new album Sun Drenched :
2.Right Here Right now
3.Love Me More
4.We Can Do Anything
5.American Girl
6.Dance Alone
7.Seven Days
10.Island Time

J.J. can also perform numerous other original songs

When performing w/ his full band "The Sons of Beaches" They can perform up to 3 hours

Some of the Artists the band covers :
Maroon 5
Marvin Gaye
Ben Harper
Bob Marley
John Cougar Mellencamp
Rod Stewert
Otis Redding
Bill Withers
Eric Clapton
G Love
Counting Crows
Blues Traveler
The Police
Men at Work
Crowded House
The Allman Brothers
Van Morrison
John Mayer
Hall & Oats
Donovan Frankenreiter
Jack Johnson
Animal Liberation Orchestra

**The Band is capable of performing dozens of other cover songs**