Justin Kalk Orchestra

Justin Kalk Orchestra

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Justin Kalk: Record producer, Stratocaster abuser, Pretty good with computers.

Sponsored by Fender & Flying Dog Beer.


FOR BOOKING INQUIRIES: booking@justinkalk.com

In case your unfamiliar with JKO....

JKO was recently sponsored by Fender. For our debut release "Blue Sky Traffic", Legendary artist Ralph Steadman of GONZO fame (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, The Who, Flying Dog Beer) created the cover art. JKO performed, recorded & produced the album @ Nashville's Blackbird Studio ( The Raconteurs, Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon).

Our ongoing 2010 "Stiff Necked Rocker Tour" started on January 2nd with a sold out album release party at NYC's The Bitter End & traveled to Baltimore, Philadelphia, L.A., Boston, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Louisville & many more U. S. cities.

Most impressive is JKO’s genre bending rock & roll. Please experience it for yourself @ www.justinkalk.com


I've Changed Too

Written By: J. Kalk

I see your back
from god knows where
You said you changed
All you did was
change your hair

Just like a dragon
Breathin fire from your nose
You said
you changed
But all you did was change your clothes

I've Changed Too

Yo play dem Drums
Drums sent from Hell
You say your sound has changed

I can't tell

Just like a 2 dollar bill
They've made 40 nickels out of you
You say you've changed

Yeah well I've changed too

I've changed Too

You say that
you want it, you do but you don't
If you did I would of noticed

You say
that you want it, you would but you won't
I can tell that you don't really
mean it

I've changed too


Blue Sky Traffic (2010)

I've Changed Too (single)
1983 (single)
Pancakes & Syrup (single)

Set List

The JKO can perform for 1-4 hours. A typical one hour set would include the originals:

I've Changed Too
Cold Blooded Killer
Frown, Frown, Frown
Pancakes & Syrup
King Size Bed
Sleep Party
Aurora Bora Palace
What's the Answer?
Back in Love