Justin Kolean

Justin Kolean

 Holland, Michigan, USA


Born, raised and still residing in Holland, MI, Justin is an anomaly in the areas musical scene. Everyday as a young boy, Justin would beat on empty popcorn containers with sticks he had found from the backyard until he got his first drum set at the age of 9. Later after receiving an acoustic guitar from his grandpa, the realization of learning all possible music skills, including playing the piano by ear, allowed his vocals to come naturally along the way. His music in both spirit and substance owed more to West Michigan music, and now he is looking at the bigger picture. Chocked full of warmth and introspection, Justin’s music is an inspiration to many. Whether it is slow-burning ballads or fast-moving strummers, Justin displays himself as open and unafraid to leave himself emotionally stripped in songs like the brave and honest “Alive Again”, “Clouds of Sorrow”, “Somewhere in Between”, and “Surrender”, all in which deal with coming to grips with faith. Justin also wrote the songs “Say Goodbye”, “Where I Can Dream”, and “No Turning Back” which were fueled by the divorce of his parents, his Mother’s drug addictions, and his Father’s adultery. Now into his own solo contemporary and alternative projects, Justin will be taking all of the past experiences that has made him stronger not only as a person, but as a musician, husband, father, and Christian and driving it into one explosive debut album.


Debut Album coming 2011