Justin   Kyle      ......Hasty........

Justin Kyle ......Hasty........


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Vulnerability comes when finding one’s identity, and Drive By Versailles, Justin Kyle Hasty’s second album, is simultaneously vulnerable and strong, raw and closed, quiet and loud, caring and solipsistic: In essence, a soul-searching stab at who Hasty really is.

The dichotomies voiced in the album come from Justin's life, which was one of consistent uncomfortable juxtapositions. Justin is a Monroe, NC native, a town buried in the Southern Bible belt. Between Christian/Baptist religion’s messages and the messages Justin culled from his extensive world travel (London, Russia, Italy, Belgium, and France to name a few), Justin's music has to reflect his struggle between the traditionally narrow-minded South and the chaotic vibrancy of what he has seen of the world. While his initial material was that of praise, he has now branched out into self-exploration, gently pushing the envelope of what is expected of him and what he expects of himself. Reluctant to be pigeonholed into one genre, Justin has taken his ten year’s worth of guitar skills through many different avenues of music to become his own original recipe: A dollop of rock, a few spoonfuls of alternative and emo, a dash of electronica, a sprinkling of folk, and sliver of hip-hop and R&B. In essence, Justin is the perfect result of someone with a genuine thirst for music, and Drive By Versailles reflects this diversity (as does his newest tattoo).

Drive By Versailles brings many different sounds and moods to the listener, from the lushly loop-driven “Choices” to the friendly acoustic “Waiting Here on Sunday.” While the latter song echoes the giddy expectancy of a new relationship, another song from Drive By Versailles, “Drought,” invokes the disparity and darkness that surrounds a heart torn and healing. “Good Guy” encourages the listener to revel in Justin's private angst, where he struggles with what others want him to be versus who he truly is. Personal and emotional, Drive By Versailles’ content takes its root from the title, which came to Justin when reflecting on the riches and opulence in the Versailles palace in contrast to the poverty and melee the world suffers through. His intent is to “drive by” the superficiality of the world and concentrate on the things that mean something, that expose truth. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee (Emerald Studios and The Park Studio ) and in Charlotte, North Carolina (Morgan & Brown Studios). The album is produced by Jamie Morgan as well as Justin, Donnie Boutwell (drummer for Bebo Norman), and acclaimed engineer David Hall (Caedmons Call, Frank Sinatra, Sandy Patty) and promises to be full of merit in terms of artistic grace and musicality, as it is truly an honest album.


1999- Justin Kyle Hasty "Introducing" EP
2005- Justin Kyle Hasty "Drive by Versailles"
2008- Justin Kyle Hasty "title and date TBA"

Set List

Not sure I've played the same set twice? but these are a few common songs to expect at a JKH show!

I Stand Alone
Waiting Here on Sunday
Take Her Back
Good Guy
She's Beautiful
Give You My Heart
What She Dont Know
Big Shoes to Fill
One Day
Inconsiderate Me