Justin Lacroix Band

Justin Lacroix Band


Authentique, passionnée, sincère, c'est de la bonne musique pure et simple. Fresh, homegrown groovy roots rock.


"Il a de gueule quand il chante, une voix qui s'apprête aussi bien a des chansons tranquilles de feu de camp qu'a des beats festifs qui donnent le goût de se lever et danser autour des chaises."

Depuis l’hiver 2002, Justin présente ses chansons sur plusieurs scènes canadiennes en solo ou avec son groupe. Accompagné par Joël Perreault à la guitare et voix, Ivan Burke à la batterie et voix, et Joel Couture à la basse, la musique "groove".


"When Inquiring about Lacroix's sound, you will likely be told to expect a voice which is positively bewitching, and a kind of Dave Matthews groovieness, but nothing beats seeing him live. I can only say get out to see this guy while you can still get close." B.Boonstra, the Uniter.

In 2005, Justin Lacroix (who was until then performing as a solo artist) added 3 musicians to further strengthen his unique take on roots music. The addition of drums, bass, lead guitar, and friendship to the original music created a foundation to build on, one called the Justin Lacroix Band. Over the past two years the band has been crafting their songs, playing their bilingual bluesy folk rock on stages throughout Canada.



Written By: Justin Lacroix

it's the warmth of his smile
that sends chills up her spine
and lasts for all time

in that twinkle in her eye
he loses himself
and falls for a while

it takes them away
far from this place
if they could only stay
frozen in this golden haze

his hair dancing in the wind
with it's hypnotizing sway
has her caught up in this spin

the flow of love in her veins
washes away his pains
and caresses his tired hands


in that twinkle in her eye
he loses himself
and falls for a while

bridge to nowhere

Written By: justin lacroix

we strolled together on that sunny friday through wildflower fields
the river flooded and tore me away from your hands
i waved goodbye and in the blink of an eye swam away from your tears
never felt so good to start again at blank


i found you under that bridge to nowhere
we danced so slow the world came to a stop
i lost you under that bridge to nowhere
but i still go back to feel the groove of our rock

i met you that one saturday night perhaps a little unprepared
everything felt like a dream from the first time we danced real close
we laid awake at dawn in the silence of our stare
i guess your bed had no room left for us to grow


one of my best spent sundays was when we took that little drive
your hand fit so nicely in mine
your eyes stole my blue as we sat on that rock
i don't know what happened that starry night, i never wanted to hurt you

on se tait

Written By: justin lacroix

Elle dégringole, si rapidement
On a à peine le temps de saisir sa dernière position contre ces torrents
Ses genoux figés, sont défoncés
À coups de poings sans fin que pour un peu de pain et deux georgées

refrain :

Cette forteresse tombe pièce par pièce
La pendule ne se taira qu'au dernier mur abbattu
Et toutes ces heures, de larmes, de sueurs
Ruissellent au travers des tas de fragments d'os et cœurs fendus
Et on se tait

Les premières lueurs du lever
Captent les poussières se posant sur les ruines d'un massacre ignoré
Qu'un trait de plume point réfléchit
Griffa d'un coup un trou dans l'âme du doux pinceau si accomplit


pont :

on se tait
là haut dans la brume
on se tait
on s'en fou de ce qui fume
on se tait
on se tait


2007 Justin Lacroix Band (self titled EP)

2005 Justin Lacroix - Boogieman (solo)
10 songs ranging from jazzy folk to bluesy funk, presented in a bare guitar-voice setting. Since it's release in February 2005, Justin's debut album has sold over 2000 copies.

Set List

Plus fort que moi
Je gratte
A la pluie
P. World
New Beginnings
Hands Up
Stars In My Life
Spanish Cigarettes
En Velo
De Plus
When Little Rosie Sat Down Beside Me
le Miracle
Bridge To Nowhere
On Se Tait
Enfant d'chienne
A Two-step Away
Ce Soir
Blues du voyageur
Bete Innee
Your Little Finger


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