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Justin Mills

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The best way to describe Justin Mills' music is that it is "out of the box". Being very versatile in style, concepts, and wit, he expresses himself through his music by being straight forward with his thoughts, feelings, and realities.


Justin Mills

Justin Mills, the Emcee, actor, writer, performer, entertainer, comes from the streets of Connecticut, New Haven born and Danbury raised. As an outlet and as a safe way to stay out of trouble, Mills found that writing and performing his raps could one day place him in a wonderful situation and out of the poverty stricken life he was accustomed too. Writing his first rap in the fourth grade for a girl he admired, he never lost hope and kept striving for perfection.
Justin Mills is hitting the east coast streets with his most important project to date. ‘Black storm Records Presents: Justin Mills Vol. 1, "The Jealousy Mixtape". This mixtape captures his versatility, word play, story telling, humor and raw emotional exploits. The Mixtape has a mixture of original and industry production. It also features his fellow artist, whom he’s also crew with.
The idea for this project is to reach A&Rs and managers, so Justin Mills can have the right reps backing and pushing him as an artist. Justin Mills started a label, Black Storm Records, to act as a safety net Though his focus is to get in where he fits in. He’s a dedicated and loyal artist, who knows how to take direction and play his position.
Justin Mills has been performing live since 1996, and even earlier if you count his church plays and musicals. He’s been all over the east coast and even ventured out to Boise, ID for a NACA (National Association for campus Activities) convention.
He has even appeared in an indie film, entitled ‘Tri-State’, adding his music to the film, as well as creating the title track for the film.He also has a few songs on the sound track, as well as Paul Wall, Lil' Flip, and E-40, to a movie called "April Fools". That's still in production as we speak and should be released some time next year in 2007. Justin’s overall goal is to become a house hold name in the music and film industry , and wont stop till he gets there.

Contact Info:
Geneshia Simon for Rich Stylz Ent.


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Set List

Justin Mills' typical set list consists of performing three 3-4 minute songs. These songs are/ but not limited to: "Jealousy", "Against The Wall", and "It's Gonna Be Okay".