Justin Moore

Justin Moore



I am a 22 year old musician, with a strong desire to encorporate romance, politics, and human nature into thought provoking songs.


When the world is all gone

Written By: Justin Moore

What can be done when the world is all gone?
With no one to tell stories to
Was our presence enough? Was this whole thing a bluff?
Will our dreams of forgiveness come true?

And while we lay piled as long as the Nile
With nothing but signs of despair
Will our sins and our greed,
And destructive needs
Finally all disappear?

Or will they burn up in shame on the tip of a flame
And leave us to rot in a pit.
With enough oil to make us all smile
We won’t die till the last drop is spent.

Can the touch of a hand cause the heart of a man to explode?
Between anguish and sorrow, no time for tomorrow
We’ve already too heavy a load.
So you’re best to start walking, the last train is leaving
Leaving you out in the cold.

When fortune says clearly, to love unconditionally
Hang on to whatever’s around
Baby’s are crying, girlfriend’s are lying
If you’re lost now you’ll never be found.

Black Cat

Written By: Justin Moore

The coffee shop is full so they cannot let you in
The line is forming halfway ‘round the block
And if they catch you in the bathroom pouring latte in your gin
They might think that they can make you stop

Underneath the couch I see a shape forming
The cat is sleeping underneath the blanket
Come out, come out and show me yourself
Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead
Come out, come out kick some ass and start a fight
Fuck ‘em up, fuck ‘em up, fuck ‘em up

I see your whiskers hanging, so long look so sad
It’s only gonna’ make you frustrated
Not all I say to you is really all that bad
The Black Cat is so intoxicated

He says, “Give me a bottle, I’ll teach you to cry
And no one will care in the morning
The flowers they will burst in the warmth of the sun
But I can’t seem to find a place to go

So I listen to the sounds of dead poets and their songs
That they’re singin’ while they kill themselves
And if you picked apart my head all you’d find’s a box of sand
But if you see a castle please destroy it

Cos’ I’ve been down to the beach
Yeah I’ve been across the land
My footprints are all over this whole town
Till the morning comes I can’t find a place to go
Till the morning I’ll just follow you around.”

The Promised Land

Written By: Justin Moore

Paradise awaits
All of your life, is all that it takes
To get to paradise

The Promised Land is near
It’s hard to believe that we came from there
But soon we’ll return to The Promised Land


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