Justin Morris

Justin Morris


My music is different then most others in the fact that there is so much feeling and heart that goes into it. I know I have just a few seconds to really grab promoters, dealers, and scouts attention and that is my number one priority to show the feeling right away and give off the vibe i want to.


Well it was really just my mother and I alone in a small town. She baught me a keyboard once and since then I was hooked on music. I used to it all the time to express my emotions. Soon after I then learned the guitar and now I sing most all the time. I love music and I feel it is the best emotional pill there is. So my band I's number one priority is to bring you on a journey with us through our music (all orignals) and we dont want to only express, we want to communicate to you through our lyrics and melodies. Communicate meaning we send a messege and the messege is understood the way it was met to be understood. Thats what I and my band bring to the table...


"I Cried"
"My Best Friend"
"She has her way (I have mine)"
"Loving You, Loving Me"
"Better Each Time"
"Angel Lulaby"
"Seaons Of Life"
"True As Mine"
"Moment With You"
"A Heart That Beats Like Mine"

"I Cried" is being released over the radio.

Set List

We pride ourselfs mostly on all originals that we have written ourselfs and are copyrited by us. Each set we have is basicly 40 songs. We have 3 sets thus far written with full band music. We are always looking for inspiration