Justin Morris

Justin Morris


Justin Morris is a young new R&B artist that has so much talent and potential in the music buisness. His voice is simply amazing and his charm and the way he carries himself is equally amazing. His resume is growing and he is quickly scoring a huge fan base. Take a look, you wont be disapointed!!


Justin was an only child who grew up in a small town. His father left and it was hiself and his mother alone in a run down apartment for some time. He would sing to himself allot as it was his way of communicating to himself and to his heart. 10 years later Justin is a professional vocalist who is actually set to open up for the Temptaions in early september... "I dont take anything for granted. I dont parade around like I'm better then anyone else, cause I'm not. I'm having the time of my life right now because I get to make people smile and have a good time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything".


"Better Each Time'
"If I Could"
"Lovin You Lovin Me"
"All I Wanna Do'
"Forever's Not Enough"
"Because Of You"
"MY Best Friend"
"Heart That Beats Like Mine"
'I Cried"
"Im Still Inlove With You"

Streaming & Radio Occasionally

Set List

the set list is the same as I listed in the discovery section. I open it up fast, slow it down in the middle, and end it on a possitive fast note leaving people with a good time...