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Justin Ossher

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Album - Stereo Gold"

“A capriciously eclectic assembly of… really great sounds, ie cool keys and assorted guitar personas. Wonderful musicianship. A fresh approach. Freaky production techniques and thick stinky vox bordering on toothsome. Warning: All songs contain lyrical content” - Public

"New Album - Stereo Gold"

“It’s a given these days that a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with the right gear can achieve remarkable things… Justin Ossher certainly has.” - Drum Media

"Excellent pop music"

“Justin is further proof that Australia is producing some excellent pop music. “Strength Of Your Command” is too refined for an immature ear.” Anthony Bates Moozikoo Radio Nashville - Moozikoo Radio

"Hopetoun gig"

"He sailed his electronic ship of psychadelic fools straight into the souls of the audience.......frontman Justin Ossher is destined for rock stardom"
Drum Media 2006 - Drum Media

"Candy's gig"

There's something magnetic about Ossher's delivery and depth of emotion. There's no holding back with this guy. The band's sound thunders through the heart.
Vibewire.com 2006 - Vibewire.com March 2005


2010 Symbols ep Signs Of Truth
2008 Solo album Stereo Gold released
2006 Produced Machine of the GodS ep Zen Studios
2005 Produced Machine of the GodS ep at A Studios
2004 Composed music for short film The Florist
2003 Composed music for 2003 Tropfest short film Black Betty. Composed music for TVC LINO Magazine.
2000/01 Solo album Crawdaddy and the Native Swordfish.
2000 Produced [Velvet Studios] Sheepskin with band The Third i
2000 4 trax on 12 episodes of TV show High 5 produced by TWI and IMG
1999 Produced Mandala for a Modern Nation with band The Third I
2005 Rebirth - see it at www.sonicbids.com/justinossher



Electro hip hop rock band SYMBOLS who released their debut Ep Signs of Truth last year at Bar 303 in Melbourne, ANU Bar in Canberra and Spectrum in Sydney, have commenced recording of their next Ep. Their small East Coast tour last year had packed out shows in Lismore and Nimbin and more in Melbourne followed by Newcastle, Byron Bay and Brisbane. The band regularly plays in Melbourne at various venues, check out local press and visit their facebook site.

Their first Ep received airplay on radio stations round the country including RRR, PBS, Bay FM, fBi radio and is available online through symbolsmusic.com, iTunes and at Polyester Records in Melbourne. Symbols was a 2-piece production and performance with Justin Ossher on vocals and Sam McNicol on guitar and use electronic instruments and rock performance ideals to create their own unique but accessible psychedelic sound. 2012 sees the band playing with the addition of the powerful drumming of Jopo.

Punters say Symbols are like The Killers meets One Day As A Lion meets Tricky but it's really more like MF Doom and Tunde Adebimpe dancing naked on a highway with heads full of psylocybin.

"We're attempting to bridge the gap between producers and rock bands" says Justin, "we've not been 2 dudes in the corner of the club playing our guitars nor two hip hop djs just spinning tracks and laying down beats either. We've been having fun trying something absolutely bangin' but mutable in a way that a fully live band can be. That's kinda the vibe I've wanted, music as valid at a dance-off as it is in a warehouse party or theatrical venue". The addition of Jopo will reinforce this focus and allow for a more seamless journey through the set.

The current Ep Signs Of Truth features a comprehensive journey over five tracks of the band's musical spelunkings. From the opening hooks of Just Can't Wait to it's suitably floor jamming conclusion. Through the hip hop dubbings and trancey ending of Emotional Recidivist it's a concise but rich journey along the musical ebbs and flows of Cold Distance. I Know The Truth, mirroring the Ep's title, lyrically speaks the strongest for the intention behind the music and blasts you straight through to the raconteur like final chapter in Silent Days And Taken Nights.

The new Ep will further develop a unique sound that they have created.

"Previously playing in several bands and being involved in recording other music projects, tv and film, I felt SYMBOLS was an opportunity to create something that we'd like to hear ourselves", said Sam who must be the only non-death metal guitarist in Melbourne rocking a flying V. "I hope people take the time to listen to the album on headphones, all the way through, to fully enjoy the way we've recorded and mixed it". Sam returned from a trip to India to record folk music before committing himself full time to the Symbols project with Justin in 2010. The musical partnership is flourishing and they are extremely excited to record the new material.

Contact : justin 61 415 962 920