Justin Paul

Justin Paul

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

My live DJ set is off the hook! Just rocked the Tweeter Center with the Disco Biscuits on NYE, Burning Man Festival and performed on the America's Best DJ Tour with King Britt.


Short Bio:

In the world of electronic music, you know you’re on to something good when legendary Philly DJ/producer King Britt says your label “is putting Philadelphia back on the map.” The label King Britt was referring to is Playloop Records; founded in 2005 by DJ/producer Justin Paul.

The music industry of 2007 is a Savage Beast. There has never been a time where being a musician or running a record label has been more difficult that in the present. This is a transitional period where new forms of music distribution (digital) are supplanting the tried and true methods (record stores) of years past. In the end, it will be the musicians and labels that identify with and understand what the fans want, who will find the most success.

Justin Paul has the type of character and drive that melds with this future music industry. Justin's live DJ sets and Playloop label has already drawn critical praise from some of the most respected DJs and producers in the world. His labels releases are amongst the highest-selling tracks on a number of popular online download destinations. DJing since 1984 helps him have a good ear for quality tunes but Justin Paul is more than just an A&R man. He’s involved with every step of the processes that surround the Playloop brand – from conception of art and design to sales and marketing.

In short order Justin Paul has amassed quite a roster for his label. Playloop artists represent a wide range of genres from electronica, electro, deep house, downtempo, house, progressive and techno . Paul’s own "Red Shift" is a cinematic excursion into deep techy house and "There's A Reason" (featuring Sapphirecut on vocals) sounds like a marriage between Blondie and NIN. Artists like Dave Hughes of Ireland, Nigel Richards, Microstar, DJ Everyday, The Model, Taurus & Vaggeli, Locality and Tattoo Detectives bring a unique style to the global dancefloor, while Kezner is in the business of making jaw-dropping downtempo bombs.

In Fall 2007, Playloop will release a steady flow of digital 12-inches and LPs from their talented artist roster. New releases from Dave Hughes, The Model, Taurus & Vaggeli and Microstar. Look out for Justin Paul & the Playloop Crew out on the road promoting the "Get Into The Loop Vol. 1" (CD and Digital Album out now). Get Into The Loop Vol. 1 is the first in a series of yearly Playloop Records label compilations to feature the hottest Playloop tracks in original, unmixed format. This inaugural release will feature all the Playloop tracks currently making waves around the world!

Media contact
Justin Kleinfeld
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JP "Do You Believe In Angels JP Remix" for The Model
JP "I Won't Be Hanging Around Anymore JP Remix" for The Model
JP "Wet Dark Matter Remix" for Dave Hughes
JP "il salto fuori Dark Matter Remix" for Tattoo Detectives
Playloop Presents Get Into The Loop Vol.1 - 13 Track CD
Executive Producer: Justin Paul

JP & Tattoo Detectives - "il salto fuori crazy mix"
JP "Deep Submergence" - Original
Justin Paul & Sapphirecut "There's a Reason"
Justin Paul "Olympus Mons" - Original
"JP" "Dark Matter" - Original

"This is What Radio Should Sound Like" King Britt compilation featuring the track "Red Shift"

"JP" "Data Entry" - Original
"JP" Red Shift" - Original
"JP" "Midnight Xpress" - Original
Justin Paul & DJ Dozia "MLK RMX" - Original
Justin Paul "Teraform" - Original

Set List

Download live DJ Sets & Podcasts from http://justinpaul.podomatic.com or iTunes Keywords: Justin Paul Podcast

Live sets includes: house, electro, tech-house, deep house, techno, industrial, downbeat, hip hop and 80's classics

Bookings - bookings@playlooprecords.com