Justin Posey

Justin Posey

 Saltillo, Mississippi, USA

Acoustic goodness with catchy melodies and heart-felt lyrics.


One of the purest relationships is that between a guy and his guitar.
Saltillo, Mississippi native Justin Posey first picked up a guitar at 16. Now, at 24, he uses his guitar to craft catchy and candid folk-pop songs.
The music on his EP, "Seasonal,"and his first full-length album, "Bending Love," is blank-faced honesty. It's hopeful and painful, vulnerable and unyielding.
His melodies make toes tap as he walks the line between irresistible and intimate.
All Posey needs is his guitar and sly sense of pop songwriting to create a sound that's timeless. Between his confessional lyrics and his charming melodies, Posey's is the ultimate in sing-along music. Maybe that's because we all long to be as genuine as Posey is when he creates music.


Alright - Single
Bending Love - Full Length
Seasonal - EP
Parachute - Upcoming Full Length

Set List

Typical set is 30 minutes. Can play up to an hour.

Typical Set:
Left to Lose
Bending Love
Space Shuttle