Justin Richard

Justin Richard

 Alton, Illinois, USA

A brand new outlaw. A slick approach to classic country covered in southern rock vibes. Drawing on the influence of the great writers of old as well as modern artists this is a refreshing breath of air.


Justin Richard has been writing and performing up and down the Mississippi river for the last few years. His writing style has been compared to that of John Cash to Eric Church. His approach is simple and thought provoking. Drawing on his travels,real life struggles and victories alike, your sure to relate and find your favorite new song. His songs have been performed and recorded by several bands. His songs have also been featured on VH1 and E! television networks. His songs are and have been played on various stations in the midwest.


Greatest Hits- Whisperwall
Bangladesh- Whisperwall
Enough (single)- Hymn River Suite
Welcome- Hymn River Suite
Hymn River Suite- Hymn River Suite
THis is Home- Hymn River Suite