Justin Roeser & The EN Council

Justin Roeser & The EN Council


Alternative Rock/Americana group from Seattle comprised of horns, accordion, geetars, rhodes, drums and bass. All sharing space harmoniously, topped with the words of life, love and the human experience. A modern day Moody Blues that will bring the goosebumps out!


Formed by producer/singer/songwriter Justin Roeser after the completion of his solo album "Lost at Zero" he contacted musicians who he had worked with on prior projects or had met on tours to form an eclectic formula that has stood out to the ear. Influenced by the sounds Paul McCartney, Justin Hayward and Townes Van Zandt, the band continues making their audience return and grow for the very intimate vibe they create live. Their instrumentation sets them apart pulling in unique sounds such as accordion, vibraphone, cello and flute to accompany laid back geetars, all backed with a very solid rhythm section.


Justin Roeser - Lost @ Zero 2008

Set List

1. Why? 4 minutes
2. Dora's Gone 4 minutes
3. Easy to See 3 minutes
4. Once In a Life 4 minutes
5. Here After 3 minutes
6. Lonely Soul 5 minutes
7. Family 4 minutes
8. 2012 3 minutes
9. Lead the Way 3 minutes
10. Emily 3 minutes
11. Truthful Information 3 minutes
12. Middle Ground 4 minutes

We bounce between two sets, ranging from 20-45 minutes depending on the booking slot