Justin Sawicki

Justin Sawicki


The Beatles in a clown car with Willie Nelson, Hawksley Workman, David Bowie, Wilco, and Ryan Adams.


Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Justin Sawicki has been writing songs since the mid nineteen-nineties. As a youngster Sawicki was drawn in by the strong melodies of The Beatles and Brian Wilson. But it was Canadian acts such as The Tragically Hip, The Lowest of the Low, Blue Rodeo, and Neil Young that had inspired him to pick up a guitar and pen his first songs.
By 2001 Sawicki’s interest in music had brought him to Hamilton, Ontario where he studied music at Mohawk College under the guidance of local jazzers Mike Malone, Darcy Hepner, and Bob Shields. Upon completion he went on to earn a degree in music from McMaster University. It was during this time that Sawicki began to take in new influences like Rheostatics, Hawksley Workman, Ed Bickert, Miles Davis, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams .
Since the permanent relocation to Hamilton Sawicki has played hundreds of gigs, sharing the stage with such acts as Dave Bidini (Rheostatics), Selina Martin, Tomi Swick, Tom Wilson (Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, LeE HARVeY OsMAND), and Max Kerman (Arkells). In 2007 he recorded in Daniel Lanois’ legendary Grant Avenue Studio. In 2009 he won the Committee Award at the Hamilton Film and Music Festival, and in 2011 released his first full-length record. The recent offering, Nothing For No One, showcases Sawicki’s maturity and quirkiness while displaying a songwriter who is beginning to hone in on his own uniqueness and ability. Appearing on the record are a sleuth of great Hamilton talent including Dan Rodrigues, Jesse O’Brien, Andrew Barbisan, Darrel Lascelles, Eric Thachuk, Josh Harris, Ryan Barwin, and Lorretta Hale. The record has been described as being “eerily romantic and playful” and “a portrait of an artist who loves to explore." In late 2011 the record was nominated for Independent Album of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards. Currently Sawicki has begun work on a new album set to be released in 2012.


What is Love?

Written By: Justin Sawicki

May Flower is silky and softer than seal skin
With pedals that kiss when I feel them
My vision is straighter than her stem with out even looking.

I've toughed out a winter or two by myselff
I've nurtured and cared for and fallen for pleasantries that I mistook as love
There's nothing more debatable than love.

Love. What is Love?
A warm handed scratch from the whitest dove?
It's nothing to fear, a tongue in your ear is brilliant.

When the winter comes May Flower will not die.
She wraps around my arm for warmth and lives inside with me.

Like a Lion

Written By: Justin Sawicki

I'm like a lion and if I get a hold of you you're mine.
Kiss your berry bunch, lick my paws and save the rest for lunch.

C'mon baby let's go out dancing.
I want to see you shake it just for me.
When you tire, we'll lay down and sleep.

Im like a lion and if I get ahold of you you're mine.
Kiss your berry bunch, lick my paws and save the rest for lunch.

Hide it from your mind.
Hide it from your lover.
Hide it from the ones you love the best.

I'm like a lion and if i get ahold of you you're mine.

I Feel Alive

Written By: Justin Sawicki

I threw you a pass but you weren't looking
It hit you right between the eyes
Nobody panicked until blood started gushing
From between your eyes.

We swam in the pool until supper
and talked about our 10 year lives
I heard the bells from McGill Crescent
and it was ice cream time

Now that I'm crazy, this age has made me crazy
I'll cherish the youngest times.
If you're feeling blue, that lonely kind of blue
just think of when you couldn't think as hard.

Life threw me a pass, although, I wasn't really looking
I didn't panic I though of all the consequences...
and I Feel Alive.

I've Been to Heaven

Written By: Justin Sawicki

I've been to heaven so take me to hell.

If there's a time to be grateful then I don't know when it is
I'm lost to be found with my head in the ground and I'm getting old.
There's a light in an eye, and I don't know where mine went.
Maybe it's wandering the sky for another mans eye... just to save it from being alone.

I've been to heaven so take me to hell
I'm not a man, I'm just a kid feeling sorry for himself.

I'm too smart to be alive but too dumb to follow through.
I'm too pretty for love and too bitter for tasting... it's true.
There's a light in an eye, I just don't know where mine went
Maybe it's wandering the sky for another mans eye just to save it from being alone

Make Way for the Van

Written By: Justin Sawicki

In the city where I live they're giving all that they can give
Snowbanks grow to the edge of the road and the beer and whiskey flow.
Winter lasts so long, mom puts a hot pot of coffee on.
They salt the roads with tears I'm told
and hearts are built from snow.

I bundle my face and walk through these memories of yesterday
hockey schools and black eyes
The wagon makes way for the van just to break
but instead I woke up.... and it just drove away.

I guess we age when it's cold, tonight I feel 95 years old
I brush my teeth with vacant streets and sing until it hurts.
This old town will get you down, you gotta live like there's no one around.
Shine my shoes with a bottle of booze
I dress myself to hide these blues

I'm not old
but far from young.
I think back to everything I've said and done.
Told some lies
made good girls cry
and drank until it hurts.


Nothing for No One (2011)