Justin Schrock

Justin Schrock


Being a Christian is harder than ever before, especially with teenagers. Justin's songs relate to them and their troubles, reminding them that God IS there for them He is a teenage Christian trying to reach out to his generation with love and Christ.


After reading Jonah 2 one night I woke up around 12am with the words i had read in my heart. I wrote down those words on a piece of paper, and the song just came to life. That song is "Remembered Me". This happened about a year ago. Now i have written five songs total, and have a stronger relationship with Christ. I am now 16 as well. A little about my youth group band "Crosseyed", we all go to the same high school in Harrisonville, and to the same church and youth group, we are very close, they are the best friends to have. The band and I have led worship at our church, which averages about 400 people each sunday, have led a church service for the seniors at our high school, and during the school year played every sunday night at our youth group, which usually has 50 kids in it. My inspiration comes from the Bible. When I write a song, i feel that God should be the one talking, not me. We are a great band, we love to praise the Lord and lead other people in worship. My thanks go out to definately Jesus, I couldn't have done all that I have without him, and I thank Him for the sacrifice He made for us, my dad, he is such a great help, he organizes the practices and gigs, I love him and thank him, my family, they are very supportive of me, and of course my band members Olivia Eric, AJ and Kimmy! They are awesome!


Remembered Me

Written By: Justin Schrock

Remembered Me by Justin Schrock

Verse 1:
I called you in my distress and you answered me
from the deepest of the darkest places I can now see
that all my sins had weighed me down
but now I see that I've been found
cause when my life was ebbing away

You remembered me, and I remembered you
And I chose to believe, In Jesus O it's true
and though I thought I could hide
You were always at my side
You remembered me

Verse 2:
God you are so amazing only time will tell
of your glorious awesome love that breaks me from this spell
let your love carry me
in Your presence I want to be
so in song I can say


Why do I try to run away
Why don't I listen to what You say
yeah I know that You're always there
now I know that with you none can compare


Set List

I have written a total of five songs so far, and we incorporate those in our sets a lot. We usually play worship songs from various artists including... Newsboys, Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Tomlin, and many others. Our sets usually last about 20-30 minutes.