Justin Smithson

Justin Smithson


Justin Smithson's music is some of the most uplifting music you'll ever hear. Just close your eyes and you will instantly be pulled up.


Justin Smithson was born on May 19th 1981 in Herkimer, NY. At the age of 5 he started his passion for music by teaching himself how to play the guitar. After a couple of years, he was singing and playing at talent shows and other competitions. When he was 13, he was asked by Jose Lopez, then bass player, to come and jam with Jose's cousin, Joe Rossi on drums, and a couple of other guitar players (Chris Weeden and Chad Merganthaler). After a couple of sessions, the three of them decided to form 3-Peat. Justin, during his time in 3-Peat, was very active in school musicals (Ilion Junior/Senior High School), as well as competitions. His junior year he was selected to sing in the All-State Chorus, which landed him a spot his senior year in the All-Eastern Chorus, which eventually performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Also in his junior year, the band picked up John Short on keyboards. Lifelong friendships evolved between Justin, Joe, John, and Rocky when he joined the band in July of 2001. In late 2005, Justin decided to leave Showtime, full-time, to concentrate on his music. Justin's influences are: Dave Matthews, Sister Hazel, Incubus, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and much more!


If I Fall

Written By: Justin Smithson

Sometimes I feel I’m losing myself
Walking around with nothing but doubt
Remembering dreams I had long ago
Your mind erases everything I knew

I’ll fight through the day
I’ll bring you out
You can carry me through
To find all about
Not wasting away
I know I’ll stay
And you’ll be there to catch me if I fall

Sometimes I feel I’m moving to fast
No place to go everything to see
Harboring guilt I feel everyday
From keeping you here and begging you to stay
Please stay
Don’t leave me alone
Chorus x2


Written By: Mike Brindisi

I could tell you so many things
But I can’t help what your past brings
I try to believe you were yourself
When all you gave me was someone else
Tell me how this got turned on me
When you’re the one who had set me free
After I stayed and stuck around
The day you drove us into the ground

If I could crawl inside your head
And rearrange you thoughts I would
Cause I don’t know what makes you feel
Makes you feel good

Gave your world to someone else
And all your words made me lose myself
No matter what I say or do
You’ll never know what you put me through
Spun around living in a perfect world
Then he came around you let him take my girl
Now I turn around
You’re gone
I should tell you… goodbye


Written By: Justin Smithson

Every single day I think of you
You’ve touched my life and now I dream of you
You just don’t know how much I intend to be
The one inside who makes your life complete
The other night you took away my fear
Of ever losing sight of who I am
You showed me love and now I understand
How you’re the one who makes my life complete

I know our lives have had so much missing
As we go along till our heads start spinning
I know your afraid when I say forever
Just be with me here tonight

I may be young but I know who I am
I’ve made mistakes you know I’m just a man
Lets just forget about what’s in the past
And make our dreams come true with what we have
Every single day I think of you
You’ve touched my life and now I dream of you
You just don’t know how much I intend to be
The one inside who makes your life complete


Written By: Janet Patterson

Walking around in the pouring rain
Coming apart at the seam
Everything’s changing around me so
I wish I knew where I fit in
Washing away everything I knew
Keeping the things I can see
Hoping that someday I’ll find my way
Maybe I’ll see you around

Maybe I will maybe I won’t
I can’t stop thinking about it
What’s holding me down what’s keeping me here
I hope that somewhere will find me

Stumbling through the pouring rain
I stop for a moment to see
You standing there smiling and hopelessly
I wish it was my eyes you could see
It’s coming down hard as I’m standing here
Thinking with a trembling fear
Of wasting away for another day
I think I’ll go inside for a while
Coming inside I can see your face
Deep in my eyes you will find
Could I take this chance to say one thing
Should I stay inside for a while

Could You

Written By: Justin Smithson

Could you be the one for me
Could you break my sorrows wash away the pain
Could you be my only light
Could you be tomorrow staring back at me
Could you make the moments last
Could you take me up far above my past
When I’m feeling down
Would you spin me right around
Would you bring me up and now I see you
Waiting for me smiling back at you
Could I be the one for you
Could I stay and make your everything alright
Could I walk inside of you
Could I be the one to show you something new
Could I stay inside your world
Could I breathe your air see your light and know

When I’m feeling down
You’d spin me right around
You’d bring me up and now I see you
Waiting for me smiling back at you

Now we’re standing face to face
Talking over all the things we never knew
Wishing all our live we’d seen
What went wrong and why our paths had never crossed
Then we hold each other tight
Slip away forever knowing in my heart


2005- Showtime- "Lovedrunk and Melancholy"
2007- Justin Smithson "If I Fall" (EP)

Set List

If I Fall
Could You

John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Stevie Ray, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Jack Johnson...and a lot more!