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Justin Taylor

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Justin Taylor"

Hailing from the smallest town in Johannesburg, this guy embodies the talentt that we all desire to possess. "From Tienie Street" is a very unique album with elements that has a trace of pure passion of music. "Leave" begins the album, followed by "Handing Over". BOth of which have revolved enormous response on YouTube with well over 70 000 views. If you are into acoustic music, then this album is for you. Good times! - SA Tunes

"Album review Justin Taylor's "From Tienie Street""

I generally spend my time surfing the net looking for unknown and less heard of artists so, when I came across this young South African artist I remembered why I spent most of my mornings off in front of a computer. His name is Justin Taylor and he is the mastermind behind the debut album ‘From Tienie Street’ released under record label and music boutique CandyRat Records, who claim to feature many of the world’s greatest musicians.
If Justin Taylor is anything to go by then CandyRat Records might well have an element of truth in this bold statement. The album showcases Justin’s jaw dropping guitar skills, unbelievable considering he is totally self-taught. Finger tapping and fret sliding similar to that of Newton Faulkner, Justin really does make it sound all so natural and easy. Songs such as ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Cheesy Little Love Song’ show similarities to his identified influences like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and the multi-platinum John Mayer. This album is as raw as it gets. One man and his guitar, to some this may seem a little dull but with songs like ‘Shawshank’ you don’t even notice that it’s all a one man band. I think that a drum beat or bass line really would take away what is so unique about this album. Justin aimed to create an album that ‘would be able to stand unassisted by production’ and with the crisp vocals and bouncing guitar riffs and strums in ‘Playing Hard’ you really get a sense of what Justin and producer Oberholzer were aiming to achieve.

Justin Taylor has worked with many bands, opening for the likes of Fall Out Boy, Evanesance, Hoobastank and Staind. But going solo in its purest form I think he has made a wise decision.

His debut album is available direct from CandyRat records and available for download from Amazon. You can also hear a lot of his music on his myspace, including live performances and tracks from the album ‘From Tienie Street’.

Anthony - SceneonSound.com

"From Tienie Street - Justin Taylor"

The album title is a reference to a small street in a small Johannesburg suburb where Taylor grew up dreaming of becoming a musician. Unfortunately, circumstances in his home town led him to forego his dreams on the path to becoming a pastor. After a few years, at the encouragement of friends, he dropped all his studies and decided to follow his dreams. After a stint as a session guitarist for other bands, he was once again encouraged to follow his own path. This album features Taylor’s voice and guitar without any accompaniment, which seams to embody perfectly his dream of finally showing his true colours. The music itself leans toward a folk sound with heavy hints of blues, African flavours and enough pop sensibilities to appeal to a wide audience. His lyrics are mostly heartfelt, but also a bit tongue-in-cheek as heard in Cheesy Little Love Song. I feel this album is perfect for entertaining guests this festive season at braais [barbeques] or dinner get-togethers with friends. If anything, this album is a testament to all of us that dreams can be realized.

by Kevin Rule - Odessy Magazine


From Tienie Street, and Farther



Many respectable music listeners crave the fullness of a band and the synergy and musicality, which occurs between the various instruments. But many hold a deep appreciation for a song in its most vulnerable and raw state, un-seduced by the temptation to become 'better'. This is Justin's music, the untainted sound of the acoustic guitar and his vocals creating beautiful melodies strung together with thoughtful lyrics and truly engaging live performances. Seeing him play you may hear traces of John Mayer, Dave Matthews and James Taylor. But out of his influences he rises as someone truly original and sincere, a must see for the acoustic music lovers.

Justin Taylor was born September 12 1982, in Cape Town South Africa and came to settle in Johannesburg with his parents in 1989 where he sat inspired at the feet of his father who was also a musician, drummer and guitarist. He developed a passion for the acoustic guitar and taught himself to play from age 14 inspired by artists like the GooGooDolls, The Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer. He grew up playing in the odd concert at school until eventually after school having rummaged through some other options started playing as a session musician for other bands. During that time he played for projects that opened for bands such as Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Hoobastank, Staind, 3 Doors Down and others. After some time, his fellow musicians spurred him on to follow his dream of writing and performing his own material which, in July of 2007, he finally decided to do, starting with the recording of his 1st album.

Justin Taylor's debut album "From Tienie Street", recorded by friend and outstanding producer J. Oberholzer, is as raw and honest as they come. Recorded with a single acoustic guitar and a single vocal, the songs were written with the intention that they would be able to stand unassisted by production. The album deals primarily with one theme – or should I say one girl. Of the ten songs on this album eight of them deal specifically with Justin's story involving one particular girl. The songs have been placed almost exactly in the order that they were written and ease into each other like a story, refracting emotions and themes in a traceable progression.

Following the initial printing of "From Tienie Street," Justin caught the interest of international indie label Candyrat Records, which features artists such as Antoine Dufour, Don Ross and Andy McKee. He signed an album deal in early 2008 and travelled from South Africa to the States to record some live video performances to promote the album. Justin's videos have received some 284,000 views while his album has continued to sell steadily. Justin also won 1st place in the Folk Category of the 2008 West Coast Songwriters' Competition as well as gaining radio play on 14 Stations in the last 2 months. A year subsequent to his first album Justin continued to write and has put some new material together for his second album called "Farther". Farther speaks of the distance Justin has come since Tienie Street (the album) and from Tienie Street (where he grew up), it also represents the distance he endured when he and his, now wife spent more than a year apart while he lived in South Africa and she lived in The States and most of the album talks about their story during this time. Starting with the first song he wrote for her "By June", Justin writes about her leaving South Africa where she had lived for two years and wondering what might have happened between them if she'd stayed. In spite of her having to leave, their relationship progressed and as the album unfolds, so does their story...