Just in Time

Just in Time


Just in Time is a pop-punk band from Waterloo Ontario. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun, drink beer, and goof around both on and off stage. Our music can be described as NoFX meets Green Day meets Metallica. We like to rock peoples socks off. Literally.


In spring of 2002 Brad Schinkel decided that after more than five years of playing guitar, it was time to put those skills to use and start a band. The band "The Hardcore Apples" was founded a few minutes later. The band would not last long as Brad quickly dropped the idea. Later in fall of 2002 while wandering the halls of a Kitchener, Ontario
high school Brad met up with a young bass player named Mike Burgetz. The two began jamming on lunch breaks in the high school halls. At this point Just in Time was born. They started off playing covers of their favourite songs and then moving on to writing original music.

In the spring of 2003 Just in Time signed on to play their very first gig at a high school dance. The playlist consisted of a few covers and a few originals. The show went well, the band had the audience singing along to songs despite the lack of percussion. The world was Just in Time's oyster.

Shortly after their first gig, Just in Time took on their first official drummer, Graham. After recording some tunes, Graham made the decision to leave the band, those recordings would never be found. During the fall of 2003 Just in Time shot a bunch of crappy videos on a primative digital camera. These videos would build "Just in Time: The Movie" which featured off-the-floor performances and other useless crap. From these videos though, Just in Time was able to create their first album, "Sorry We're Late" which was released on a real CD. Over the coming months the band would start to work on new material.

In spring of 2004 Just in Time signed up to play another high school dance. This time things did not go well. The band played two sets during the course of the evening. The first set went well, however during the second set technical issues caused the band to cut things short. This was a huge blow to the band. The band would go on hiatus for a few months after this.

Later in the summer of 2004 Just in Time continued writing material and shot their second movie, "Just inTime the Movie 2: A Crappy Sequel to a Crappy Movie". While shooting the movie the band recorded their second album "Road Kill Rock". After a string of drummer tryouts, the band also welcomed their second official drummer, Chris Jones. With Chris in the band, they began writing new material and planning bigger and better shows. The band was starting to come together in early 2005.

n spring of 2005 Just in Time played their biggest show ever and things went over well, however shortly after the show Chris left, and Brad and Mike decided to call it quits. Shortly after the split the band would release their live album and then stay dormant.

In fall of 2010 Brad and Mike talked on the phone and decided it was due to time get the band back together and make a new album. They began
jamming with a few new songs and some older covers. Over the next few months a pile of new material was created and the decision to make a professional music video was made. Late in summer of 2011 Just in Time brought the third official drummer into the game, Dave Jeary, though due to commitments with making the music video the band would not jam with Dave until fall of 2011. In October of 2011 the band shot the music video for "The Devil's Guitar" which is now airing on networks across Canada. In January of 2012 Just in Time welcomed their newest memeber, J.P. McKessock as the second guitarist for the band. In the fall of 2012 "Better Late Than Never" was finally released alongside the new video for "One Reply" which marks the 10th anniversary of Just in Time. Shortly after the album release, the band let Dave go due to ongoing troubles. However, in January of 2013 Jay Adair signed on as the new drummer for band. Already work on the next album has begun along with plans for the next music video and of course setting up shows in whatever cities want to hear some punk rock. The future is very bright for Just in Time, possibly the greatest ensemble of musicians in the history of time...


The Devil's Guitar

Written By: Brad Schinkel

When my V8 Hellhound roars to life
You better hide your children and hide your wife
And when I put my foot down to the floor
My hound will bark so loud you won’t hear no more
But I’m not a one-trick pony don’t you know
You haven’t seen the other half of my Hell-bound show
So build me a wall of sound ?
Cause Beelzebub’s axe is in town

I spent all my money on liquor and cars
So I sold my soul to buy the Devil’s Guitar
It’s one transaction I’d never regret
?Cause when I plugged it in it put me in a cold sweat
And when I played my first chord
My amplifier roared
Your mind will soon be scarred
By the Devil’s guitar

When I put His axe into my hands
I condemn myself to the life of the damned
But eternity in Hell is worth the price
If I can melt your face with this demonic device
The faint of heart should be advised
?Cause when you hear me shred you might meet you demise
It packs more punch then a hand grenade
For it’s the greatest guitar that will ever be made

I can never got to bed
For soon I will sleep with the dead
With His axe placed in my hands
I am the king of the living damned
Soon a glorious noise will be released
So prepare your ears for a nefarious feast
In a moment you’ll be seeing red
For the Devil’s guitar is about to shred

Nothing Better

Written By: Brad Schinkel

The clouds
They finally begin to break
You look down on the ground
And you don’t see a single snowflake
The weather’s getting warmer
Every day
Boots, gloves, your winter coat
Just put ‘em all away
You surely won’t need them
For a while
So update your look
Shorts and t-shirt are in style
We only get four months
Every year
So fire up the grill
The summer’s finally here

The winter months have passed
It’s time to get outside, the summer’s here at last
If there’s one thing that I know
There’s nothing better than a beer on the patio

We’ll all pile
Into the car
We’ll head out on the open road
No destination too far
We’ll drive down
To the beach
And check out all the sexy girls
As we cruise on down the street
The sun sinks
Into the lake
But there’s no need to fret
It will be back another day
This time of year
Slips by so fast
So pour me another round
Let’s try to make it last

The summer’s finally here
It’s no longer ten below
The summer’s finally here
No more shoveling snow
The summer’s finally here
There’s no time to take it slow
The summer’s finally here
So let’s start the show

Ain’t nothing better in the world you know
Then having a few beers on the patio

One Reply

Written By: Brad Schinkel

I’m just a lonely guy living in a big town
And what’s a guy to do when he’s got no one around
I could go find a girl and not have much success
Or I could sit down and browse the internet

I’m tired of the bar scene it’s such a waste of time
I just want to go home at night and have someone to call mine

I’m gonna find a girl online, I’m gonna do it on my own time
With a few quick clicks and a virtual kiss I will make her mine

I sent five hundred emails and not one single reply
I had a catchy subject line my profile pic was fly
This whole online dating thing is harder then I’d thought
Maybe I should go back to the bar and give that another shot
I was about to give up when a message came to me
It was a girl responding back, said she’s like to go for tea
She told me that she liked Star Wars and that Empire was the best
She said she’s free on Friday, then she gave me her address

I’m gonna find a girl online, I’m gonna do it on my own time
With a few quick clicks and a virtual kiss I will make her mine
I’ll take her out on a date and treat her like a queen
And maybe she’ll live me back or is that just a dream

I was taking her to a fancy show
Somewhere I dropped the tickets and I didn’t know
I thought she’d dump me then and there
But she took my hand and said she didn’t care

Reflections of an Awkward Phase

Written By: Brad Schinkel

There used to be a day when nothing ever went my way
A five-year chunk of time where my world kept falling out of line
I used to spend my life locked up inside of my room
Pissing away my youth in my ninety square foot tomb
I focused way too much on trying to find myself a girl
A damn useless pursuit that made me wanna hurl
But now that I’ve grown up my entire world has changed
And I’m not longer stuck in that awkward teenage phase

Life seems so hard when you’re just a kid
Every day another hurdle when will it end
Another punch in the face, another failing grade
Please get me out of this awkward teenage phase

I used to wake up and no wanna get out of bed
I’d force myself onto the bus dreading the day ahead
When you’re a punk in a sea of rich preppy jocks
You’re forced to sequester yourself and count down the clock
I only felt good when I was playing my guitar
Or cruising down an open road music blasting in my car
Girls would never talk to me ‘cause I didn’t follow trends
Looking back I shouldn’t have cared ‘cause things work out in the end

Before I knew it high school was over I became a working man
It was time to move out of my house it was time to take stand
I got fired from my full time job so I decided to leave my hometown
I went to get a college education and drink all I could down

My world was getting better things were finally working out
I finally found a place in this world this is what life is all about
Hanging with my friends and every morning sleeping in
Things felt right for the very first time I never wanted it to end

I didn’t have a care in the world no more stupid teenage rules
Eating Mac ‘n’ cheese every day, waking up ten minutes before school
Living off student loans and spending all my money on beer
We only live once gotta make the most of these years

Soon I realized my youth had passed
It was time to start a life on my own
I was forced into a cold cruel world
And I realized I was all alone
I miss those cool mornings at the beach
Looking at the lake and knowing things would be fine
It’s hard to tell what the future has in store
I guess I’ll have to just give it some time

As the years pass me by I see things will never stay the same
There will always be ups and downs, we’ll have to deal with the change
I finally found a girl who cares, things are falling in to place
The kids at school said I wouldn’t go far I’ll prove them wrong I cannot wait

Bay Street Zombies

Written By: Brad Schinkel

If you want to stay alive you better open your eyes
They’re secretly watching you, just waiting for their time
They’re the corporate leaders, our new government, capitalism gone awry
They’re the living dead, their disease is widespread and they’re here to end our lives

The Bay Street zombies are eating my brain
Giving false promise of fortune and fame
The Bay Street Zombies taking over the world
Destroying our society and stealing from little girls
They take from the poor and give to the rich
With a six-figure income life must be a bitch
Massing in the streets from nine to five
Becoming one of them is the only way to survive

They have total control of every penny we make, they’re criminals in disguise
They’ll lure you in with their deceptive kiss and infect you with their lies
It’s time to take a chance, take an offensive stance, time to stand up and defy
A ware is declared so you zombies beware, your rules no longer apply

If you want to stay alive
You can’t run and hide
We gotta take the bastards out
If we want to survive
So sharpen your axe
We’re gonna kick some ass
It’s our time
Our time to stand up and fight


Better Late Than Never - November 2012
12 original songs, several of which have received airplay across Ontario. Features three songs that were featured on MUCH (The Devil's Guitar, One Reply, and Nothing Better) Album available on iTunes

Precursor EP - July 2012
(All 5 tracks have received airplay in London) (The Devil's Guitar track was used in our music video and played on MUCH Music early in 2012.

All tunes from this EP can be found at http://justintimeband.bandcamp.com