Justin Tracy

Justin Tracy

 New York City, New York, USA

Anthemic Rock with a Classic British Mod Sound.


Formed by Englishman Justin Tracy in 2009. Release debut solo made EP "The Architect", Whilst giging in NY, received steady airplay on Q104.3 and RXP NYC. Band is currently working on Debut Album due in the Autum 2010.


Catch Me

Written By: Justin Tracy

Verse 1
What if I die I'm scared of heights
tomorrow lies in the eyes above
with my hand grips tight I jump across
and my heart beat flies I can feel the rush

when I make mistake
you're standing there with a safety net
when the tight ropes breaks
you catch me and you're never late (Repeat)

Verse 2
The best part of waking up
is you never know what you're gonna get
You could be on top, you could lose it all
you take a shot, is worth the haul

(Repeat Chorus)

and the day my luck runs out
you know exactly what to say
to calm me down, to calm me down
I brace myself for the consequence
of my oversight…. When I make a mistake

(Repeat Chorus)


"The Architect" EP (2009)