Justin Williams(?Serenation?)

Justin Williams(?Serenation?)

 Park Hills, Missouri, USA

Well, I'm just starting out but my music has spoken to selective couple of people. My music is about getting out this small town outside of st. Louis and chacing my dreams, as well ass fall in and out of love along the way, but still have a good time.


Well as I said, I grew up in a small community so I haven't had much eccitment in my life. but music is my first crush. I suuround myself with other musicians as well. I hang with a local band around here called absence of inesense. We plan to get an album out at the same time. That would be cool. As I progress musically my music gets more fasinating to even me. You will soon find out that my songs are about falling in and out of love, having a good time, about getting out of this town, and to stand up for what you believe in, chace your dreams. As a musician I have one thing to say " music is more that sound and words, it's about pashon, dreams, emotion, life, senses, talent, expressing yourself, and having a good time. To write a song, tell how you feel, or it doesn't mean anything. Music is a way of life and my religion and I would never have it any other way. My influnces are my friends and bands from all time low to skillet.


I don't yet have any song recorded but I'm going to try to get so audio and video work done soon

Set List

Rise up, stand up for you, let it go, war, and what did I do?