Justin Witte

Justin Witte


Justin Witte carries the momentum of a runaway freight train. His performances tug at the strings of your heart and fill the room with a presence that cannot be ignored. A maelstrom of delight for the senses!



Authentic is the first word that comes to mind when I consider how to describe myself as a musician. I embrace a great deal of pride in the identity and the history behind folk music and the blues. I am greatly influenced by the musical legacy of Bob Dylan -this being in harmonica phrasing and the lyrical landscaping of a song. A song can bring back a dormant memory from over 20 years ago, so its my philosophy that the words should mean something.

Acoustic blues continues to have a profound effect upon the styles of fingerpicking I emulate on the guitar which varies from the driving power of Robert Johnson, to the subtleness of Mississippi John Hurt, to the well-articulated melodies of the Rev Gary Davis.

After graduating from the Univ of Oklahoma with a BA in history (Dec 2007) I started pursuing music professionally. My musical career has not been a long one though it is one has demonstrated tremendous potential and advancement in a short period of time. I am a man of serious drive- something that comes in useful when engaged in a career that resembles cat herding. I have my heart in this and I have only begun to stretch my legs-Justin Witte



Written By: Justin Witte

I went down to Babylon, to find the prophet to find the one, to find the man with a golden gaze. Somewhere out there in the midst, upon a golden ladder he sits, in the land near the banks, of the Euphrates.

Some call him ancient some call him wise for the breath from his lips will carry no lies and from this man I must know. Where will I go once I die, will the angels carry me on high or will I fall down to the valley below to suffer ten-fold

Will I become as the trees and plants, tickled by the feet of the ants or will I swim like a fish in the salty sea, and make my home in the barrier reef far from the nets of the fisherman’s reach. These questions, riddles, answers I must know –to Babylon I go

[Babylon, Oh Babylon to see your walls I’ve left my home. Beyond the Ishtar Gates rests my fate. For I am just a simple man, trying to find the Promised Land. Well I’m on my way, yes I’m on my way to Babylon.]

So I began to walk the streets, passing by the ole shopkeeps. Yes even the walls where the shadows reach. In the corners that swallow the sun lay the graves of the men whose lives undone. But their spirits are restless and are seen by everyone.

Well a fish out of water has not long to live so I’ll tell you the very next thing I did. I went down to the tavern so I could breath. There I sat and drank for hours until it seemed I had magic powers. Well I started with one, left ninety three and a bar tab fit for royalty.


Lying on my back asleep, just a huddled figure left on the street I was approached by the one that came from. A land heard in prophecy held by the fabric of a mystery said he dreamed of the hills of Macedon, in the days of Rome.

My son, my son, he begins to speak by weary of that which you may seek for in this city none will ever sleep. But it wont take the strength of a thousand men to find your own way again so be on your way my son from Babylon.


Broken Dreams

Written By: Justin Witte

Have you ever had the feeling you just might blow away. You'd like to climb under a rock and there you'd spend the day. You've listened to the words of a waylander bird and now your just as tall..as the rocks and the gravel underneath the weight of your feet where you fall

No I dont give a damn if you caint understand but I know it makes me blue. When you tell me what I caint and what I will not ever do

We've all got hopes weve all got dreams. Some start out hopeful some

Here with Me

Written By: Justin Witte

You and me, we dont see, eye to eye, on everything. But that's alright cause you're here with me.

Though the winds may blow, to where ever they go. And the flames of the sun, burn, like my passion, my passion for you.

Left without words. As I've seen those eyes. Oh they take my breath, my breath away. Weak at the knees, heart begging please, you know I'm lost in a way beyond words.

Shades of gray, melted in blue those are the colors that will bring you to, a peace of mind worry left behind, lying next to you.

You and me, we dont see, eye to eye on everything. But that's alright cause you're here with me. Oh your here with me


Broken Dreams
Light of the Moon
Sweet Mama
Be Careful with Your Heart
Here with Me

Set List

I have about an hour and a half worth of original material. Sets range from 3-4 hours. Covers range from Bob Dylan, Rev Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, Hank Williams, Ryan Adams, Hank Williams Sr, Woody Guthrie, Tom Paxton, Neil Young, John Prine and traditional tunes.