Justin Woodley

Justin Woodley


I would call myself a songwriter and that's my main stay. When I do a performance, entertainment is priority 1 to leave the crowd wanting more. The music I offer is high drive and grass-roots country. Songs about life, love, living with themes coming back to the true farm country life I grew up in.


Justin Woodley is a songwriter based out of the Northern-Ontario town of Sudbury. His influences growing up have led to the driving music he creates. Great artists like Garth Brooks, Alabama, George Strait, Reba MacEntire, and many others have helped him create his own sound through a solid foundation. His songs are expressive and place you right in the moment. Strong lyrics are highlighted by simple, catchy melodies, keeping the songs in a listeners head from the moment they hear it. With Canadian artists requesting co-writing sessions and using his songs for their albums and a recent cut set to be used in a major movie, his talent continues to develop and successes continue to accumulate.



Written By: Justin Woodley

Well he came from West Texas,
Where his six-shooter ruled the plains
A man so big, cast a shadow
Long as the Guadalupe mountain range.

That whiskey you smell on his breath,
Fuels the fire runnin' through his veins.
He's a cold-blooded killin', son of a gun,
Nobody get in the way, of a...

Cut-throat cowboy,
Atop his steed he sits with pride,
Earned every scar on his body,
And you'd prolly rather not know why.
Cut-throat cowboy,
Skin's tough as that saddle he rides,
Got a smokin' shotgun in his right hand,
A new horse walkin' by his side.
He's a cut-throat, cowboy
The life he enjoys, oh cowboy.

Very few have ever seen his face,
Not many life to tell the tale.
He's a one shot kill kind of animal,
That's probably why he's yet to see a jail.

Never know when he's comin' to town,
Damn sure know what his trip entails.
Cheatin', stealin', lyin' and a drinkin'
Devil fear's the day he makes it to Hell.


Instrumental solo


© Copyright 2008


Written By: Justin Woodley/Lee Taylor

© Copyright 2009


I’ve seen it done before
People leave their lives behind.
Drop everything,
And dust that county line.

I’m Starting to understand
Why they look over that hedge
‘Cause girl without your love
I’m headed, right over the edge.

I’m gonna keep on, Driving,
Tthe only way I know.
Gonna keep on, Driving,
Round myself back
Gonna keep on, Driving.
Gonna keep on, Driving,
Hope to find you down the road.
Hope to find you down the road.


When it came to life
I never knew what I wanted.
Was it fame, money or pride?
My dreams they were always haunted.

One day you came around,
My whole life made sense.
The day you left me,
Left my heart, in a mess.


Been driving down this road,
For far too long now.
Yet to find a place,
That feels like home.

The only thing different ‘round here,
Is you I guess.
Ready to change my life,
Become my best.

I’m gonna, keep on, Driving,
Down this lonely road I know.
Gonna keep on, Driving,
One that winds my way back home.
Gonna keep on, Driving,
Gonna keep on, Driving,
I know I’ll find you down the road.


Dodge The Father (Love The Daughter)

Written By: Justin Woodley

© Copyright 2009


Was the summer ’93,
Air was cold and sweet,
You know so was she,
Staring back at me.

Too foolish to know,
And I was rearin’ to go,
Gettin’ to the show,
Sitting nice and close.


But I gotta learn to dodge the father,
If I’m ever gonna love his daughter.
Big angry man, I’m tellin’ ya brother,
I don’t know how he ever spawned ‘er,

Oh I know she worth the bother,
And come hell or high water;

Gonna dodge the father,
And love his daughter.


Wasn’t a track star,
Could never run far,
But runnin’ from her yard,
Got fast as Earnhardt.

When I’d drive in,
He’d take to chasin’,
Said “Boy where you been?
“I said be back by ten.”



Now even though we’re married,
That man’s still real scary,
And up until the day he’s buried.


Gonna keep on dodgin’ the father,
So I can love on his daughter.
That big angry man, a scary mother,
I don’t know how he ever spawned ‘er.

Oh I know she’s worth the bother,
And come hell or high water;

I’m gonna dodge the father,
And love his daughter.


Cowboy - To be used in the full-length movie Consummate Professionals (movie release date Oct. 2009)
Silence is Killing Me - Recorded by Stan Hitchcock (Album in production)

Set List

Cover Set Option:
Basic Cover Artists can include:
Garth Brooks
George Strait
John Michael Montgomery
Dierks Bentley
Country Standards such as:
Fishin' In the Dark
Dust on the Bottle
Ring of Fire
Cadillac Ranch
Mercury Blues
I like to throw in 1 or 2 originals in a cover set, depending on crowd response. Set length dependent on what's required.

Non-Cover Set
45-60 minutes, play a mix of my original tunes and the stories behind them. Acoustic set.