Justis Kao

Justis Kao


2006 Los Angeles Music Award Nominee for Best Male Singer/Songwriter of the year! Fusion of pop, R&B, Gospel, Jazz and Funk from this Singer, Songwriter, Pianist!


Singer . Songwriter . Pianist . Arranger . Producer

Twenty-five-year-old artist Justis Kao blends the sounds of pop, R&B, Gospel, Jazz and Funk to create music that inspires the soul. He is a winner of The Upper Room Recording Studio's Bandsearch 2000 soloist category, a two-time winner in the God's Gift Music songwriting competition, winner of the 2004 Waterwind Songwriting Competition, a finalist in the John Lennon Scholarship Contest and a recipient of Berklee's World Scholarship.

With the release of his third EP, “ACOUSTICALLY ME”, Justis brings his songs in an acoustic medium, raw with emotion from his own experiences.

“I write because I want to express through music what I often don’t know how to say. Music is the one thing that transcends all racial, ethnic, cultural and language barriers. As a songwriter, I hope that my music might be able to encourage and inspire others.”

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Justis graduated with a degree in Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Trained as a classical pianist, Justis has been performing since the age of six in various showcases and competitions in Toronto. Having produced two albums and various live concerts in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, Justis is now taking on a new challenge: Los Angeles, California. Justis has since produced several concerts in the Los Angeles area and just played to a sold-out audience at the Japan America Theater opening for Jazz group, Kilaeua.


Second Chance

Written By: Justis Kao

Verse 1:
I’ve lost all I’ve gained
And now all I have left is my pain
My heart bleeds and it breaks
From the consequences of my own mistakes

But I know that I can’t just pass you by when I see the hurt in your eyes
‘Cuz I know that I’ve caused the pain
you’re feeling inside and I know I’m to blame

But can you ever forgive me?
And will you ever forget?
Or has this just cut too deep you wish we never met?
I’m praying for healing
I’m praying for grace
I’m praying that soon one day you’ll meet me face to face
And you would grant
A second chance

Verse 2:
Sometimes, I speak too soon
Not realizing I should think things through
By then, it’s too late
What once was love, I fear, will turn to hate


Written By: Justis Kao

Verse 1:
I’m only human, often assuming the worst
And I catch myself wondering why I’m last and never the first
I’m looking for answers to questions I don’t even have
As if life were that simple defined like white is to black

Like a time-bomb that’s tickin inside me
I’m waiting till the time I’m set free
This pain and confusion has jaded, invaded my life

I will not sink, in the waters around me
I will not think that my circumstance drowns
I will not trust in the world that surrounds me
I am kept strong, by the One who sustains me

Verse 2:
You insist I can’t reach, you’re convince you can’t teach me to fly
You say I can’t win, and you tell me not even to try
You resist what I say, when I tell you I’m not gonna fail
Don’t you know that it hurts like a hammer that’s driving a nail

Falling Through

Written By: Justis Kao

Verse 1:
I’m out late, on a Tuesday
walking the city streets
A cold night, and a stop light,
it’s pouring red down on me
It’s feels like I’ve walked this
road of life alone, I’m on my own
But I realize that you have tried
to make yourself known
In everything do, you’re the only one who’s seen me through

I need, just a little bit of lovin’ cuz I’m strugglin to make it on my own
Could you meet me in the middle cuz a little of your love will never do
Don’t be a vision falling through.

Verse 2:
I've drawn lines in my mind
that keep me from reaching out
I'm not living, I'm drifting,
holding on to what keeps me down
The world passes by it never turns to see what's come of me
But somewhere you're out there
Help me believe
In everything do, you’re the only one whose seen me through


My Life For You (EP) - released May 2000
Invisible (EP) - released August 2003
Acoustically Me (EP) - released September 2005
on 104.7iRADIO (Los Angeles)
You Took Me In (Single Release) - March 2006

Set List

Typical 35-minute Set:

Living For The City (Stevie Wonder)
Who I Wanna Be (Justis Kao)
Plea (Justis Kao)

Invisible (Justis Kao)
Second Chance (Justis Kao)
Lost You (Justis Kao)

Falling Through - Solo Acoustic (Justis Kao)
Sustained (Justis Kao)