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With only 25 years under his belt, Justis has positioned himself to leave his signature on hip-hop for good. Armed with a passionate love for music and the culture, Justis brings a unique presence to the people. Mix that with a tone of soul and a lot of hard work, and you get an emcee, a producer, and an artist that slaves for the music and lives to vibe for hip hop heads around the world. No rest for the weary.

Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Kitchener – Waterloo, Justin Vail was recognized as a talented writer at a very young age by teachers and peers. With an interest in writing poetry and short stories, he was placed in many enrichment programs in an attempt to nurture what was seen as flourishing promise. Still a child, Justis discovered and fell in love with hip hop even before making the move from briefs to boxers. By the age of thirteen he made the transition to writing lyrics and freestyling. Through natural ability and a young teenagers hunger for rebellion, an emcee was born.

What truly separates Justis from the norm? That’s for you cats to decide. Some have said it is the time, effort and love that goes into everything. From toiling over every verse, working with and creating beats that truly vibe with the musicianship and essence of real soulful music, to taking creative approaches to recording in the studio. Others have felt it is his honesty as an emcee. No fronts, Justis speaks on life, love and music from a perspective that real people can relate to. Justis has also been praised for his charismatic and incredibly high-energy stage presence. When performing, the hunger and excitement of this up and comer is contagious. Audiences are electrified as mic stands are lifted high overhead, and Justis proudly chants his songs.

His musicianship is not limited to rapping either. Over the years, Justis had taken up playing the harmonica and saxophone. With a natural ear for music, production was an obvious step. Now, Justis bangs out almost as many beats as rhymes. His development as a beatsmith and producer was furthered after receiving an education in audio engineering. Now, all of these tools are put to good use in his quest to craft real hip-hop music for real people.

Justis has been involved in numerous compilation projects including co-producing the street acclaimed “Berlin Experiment” and appearing on the “Northern Hoard” album. Both successful small run projects released in Canada and distributed by tape dubbers and backpacks worldwide. However it was in 2008 when Justis released his debut album “Just Is” that he was informing the world he was here to leave a mark. The album is currently distributed internationally by Do Right! Music and has been selling out in stores across Europe & Japan. In Canada the album has been gaining in popularity as it continues to reach audiences across the country. Whether it’s through a live show or by college radio where he has continued to crack the top ten charts for multiple weeks, “Just Is” is finding its way to the masses.

Justis has performed on many stages across Ontario & Quebec and has been a featured artist for some of Canada's largest music festivals including “North By North East”, “Toronto Jazz Fest” & “Canadian Music Week”. He has opened for and shared stages with many artists such as K-OS, hip-hop forefather DJ Red Alert, Scratch (from the legendary Roots crew), DL Incognito, Choclair, Brother Ali and an abundance of other International hip-hop heavy weights. His live performances have raised hands, opened ears and shaken heads as he has become known for his ability to offer two different types of shows. His “True School Hip Hop Show” which features himself along with fellow emcee “Mantis” and DJ “Pangea Delphi” & His “Live Jazz/Hip Hop Show” which features himself along with a four piece Jazz band known as “Ace Kinkaid”.

In 2009 Justis will be releasing his sophomore album as well as a joint project with fellow emcee “Mantis”. There is no doubt that these albums will continue to build on his worldwide platform, allowing him to spread his message and share his love for music.

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"Just Is" - 2008 - 15 Tracks - Distributed internationally by Do Right! Music

"Jazz Music" - 2008- 6 Tracks - Distributed internationally by Do Right! Music

"DJ Flash's One Mic Mixtape" - 2004- 1 Track

"The Northern Horde" - 2003 - 1 Track

"The Berlin Experiment" - 2002 - 11 Tracks


Set List

Sets can vary depending on length of performance and type of performance.

songs include:
Jazz Music
Get It Right Ft. Mantis
Try'n To Live
Only For The Money
Let It Ride