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"Just Jaymes "One Emotion""

Welcome to the creative and magical world of So Cal-based multi-instrumentalist James McClam, a.k.a. “Just Jaymes.” It’s a fascinating world of rhythmic, sensual, chill sounds that draw you way into his music. He doesn’t identify the female voice on two of the tracks, but, believe me, she’s awesome, and sings in a style that reminds me somewhat of Angelique Kidjo. As you wend your way sonically through this disc, you’ll move from the sophisticated urban-pop lead-off vocal, “Break My Heart,” (which we hope to be a huge hit…it just has that sound and feel, with a strong performance and a strong hook) through trip-hop, funk, chill, and even solo acoustic guitar. What a cool album! It’s quite an enjoyable ride, full of strong melodies and compelling arrangements. I really find myself captivated, and not just for the music, but for the overall creative vibe it has within it. You really have to listen to this one to get the full impact, because words don’t begin to capture its essence. If you’re into Smooth Jazz, and are finding yourself more and more fascinated by the chill elements that Smooth Jazz is starting to embrace, then you will love this project. Just Jaymes has created a musical gem here with many facets, but they all come together beautifully, drawn by ONE EMOTION. It’s an emotion you’ll definitely want to experience! ~Scott O'Brien
Scott O' Brien - Smooth Jazz.com - SmoothJazz.com

"Hold it Back"


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Taken from artist page:

"I started when my DaD gave me my first Guitar there I began strumming along in time only to find a computer to upload My songs...like walking in the world feeling so great and taking small steps to open each gate...then I knew what I must do..That is to share my love for music to you."

All I can say is "wow." I don't get to listen to so much music like this on Godsofmusic.com

This is a quite funky tune, with cultural roots and deep moods. The whole experience that the author creates is quite overwhelming (on the positive side). The vocals are what make this a wonderful experience. They are a mix of beautiful and charismatic female singing and a female "Shaggy like" rap act. This, with the groovy theme included, makes for a taste like no other cake I've ever eaten.

The reason why I am so overwhelmed by this piece of work is that I do not know an inch of how the artist could have gotten all this talent together, and put it on an internet site? More so, be so humble as to not be more loud about who and what James McClam is.

This deserves to be played on the tube for gods sake! Well, actually, I'm quite glad that us internet users get to have some aces up our sleeves too. There truly are some great talents out there, lost on the huge network that we ironically mumble out as the www. This tune, and the artist James McClam at JustJAYMES.com doesn't just prove this statement. It shoves the statement in MTV's and radio stations faces, without getting too rowdy. This tune makes me proud to be an internet dweller. Even though the tunes here aren't downloadable, it's worth every second you spend on this artists site. Listen to everything you can and feel the groove enter your soul.

This type of music will probably not appeal to everybody out there, because of its very deep down, and special nature. But the score I give now is a dedication to the masterpiece that this tune is, and that I hope many of you will visit the artist page for inspiration, and an experience true to the word: "Music."

Yours: Christian Lowensprung

yours truly:

Christian Lowensprung

- Gods of Music


CD's By Just Jaymes

"Sincerely Yours" McClam Publishing Co 2007

Track1 Sincerely Yours
Track2 One on One
Track 3 Shinning for your Love
Track 4 The World is a ghetto
Track 5 Kick it Like this
Track 6 Love Attack
Track 7 In Ya Mind
Track 8 For The Love of you
Track 9 Yea
Track 10 From me 2 u
Track 11 Stone in love with you

"One Emotion" McClam Publishing Company 2003

Track 1 Love Attack
Track 2 Kick it Like This
Track 3 Do Me Right
Track 4 Solo For Love
Track 5 Make me funky
Track 6 I Be Dancing...
Track 7 Olow Mac
Track 8 Pop The Lock
Track 9 Electric Moon
Track 10 Mac Madness
Track 11 The Collective
Track 12 Mystical Magic
Track 13 Zentar

"Sounds of Contemporary Nostagia"

McClam Publishing Co 2000

Track 1 Hold it Back
Track 2 Sound Flowers
Track 3 Whatever you Want to Do
Track 4 Why you want to go break my Heart
Track 5 Make me funky
Track 6 Ain't nobody's Business what I Do
Track 7 Someday Luv



James writes and produces music in various genres. His technique and production skills show a new face to the next generation Artist. Born in Chicago, Illinois from a family known worldwide for its entertainment personalities.

Just Jaymes began his career at age 10 when he was introduced to the classical guitar by his father. By age 12 he began performing in talent shows, throughout the Chicago Area. He attended Southern Illinois University where he studied Computer Science. During the evening hours at SIU Jaymes would be at the local blues and country clubs playing the harmonica