Just Jezzy

Just Jezzy

 Innisfil, Ontario, CAN
BandHip Hop

My name is Just Jezzy and I make music that is unique and refreshing. I would classify it as rap but my music has a more positive and uplifting sound then the rap most people hear. I got my own sound and it's always good to be different and stand out.


I’m an upcoming artist from Alcona Ontario hungry to make an impact in the music world. My music is based on being your own person, as well as sending positive messages. My influences are Gucci mane and B.O.B...I have a mixtape out online called "Killed It Vol.1" and I'm currently working on "Killed It Vol.2" And this should be out by summer 2012. I've been performing for a couple years now and it's definitely my favorite part of being a musician, playing live performances while moving the crowd.


Killed It Vol.1

1. Intro ( lets play A Game)
2. See me Now You Dont
3. Lame
4. Fly
5. Act Right
6. Rockin Tonight
7. Movin
8. Get It
9. Do You
10. Stand Your Ground
11. My Life
12. Merry Go Round
13. Keep It On The Low
14. Break It Down
15. Surprise
16. Im The Man
17. You Think I Dont Hear
18. Mr. Local
19. Hah
20. Im Being Me
21. Never Forgotten
22. T.F.L
23. Outro ( Game Over)