Just Jinjer

Just Jinjer


Just Jinjer is the biggest selling rock band in South African history. The band has performed and toured internationally with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others, and released six critically-acclaimed albums. The California-based band is launching their first US tour in 2007.


Just Jinjer Brings Its South African Contemporary Rock Melodies to America

"…a fresh sound with an edge and more importantly a message."
-Santa Monica Daily Press

Hailing as South Africa's top-selling rock band of all time, Just Jinjer is fiercely blazing a trail on the international radio and online download charts. Led by vocalist Art Matthews, the four-piece outfit reinforces patriotism with relevant melodies coupled with the band's dynamic instrumentation by Sandy Chila (guitar/keyboards), Denholm Harding (bass/vocals), and Brent Harris (drums/vocals).

For the past decade, Just Jinjer has maintained a consistent stream of successful albums, however its latest CD has been described as the best yet. According to iAfrica.com, the band is breathing new life. "All are powerful rock tunes showcasing the band's new swagger and enhanced sound, but it's the piano ballads that best highlight the other major development- the newfound sensitivity in Matthews' voice." Bassist Denholm Harding believes they have truly stretched themselves in this album. "The song writing is more mature with more shading; we like to think of this is as a new era for Just Jinjer."

Though the band members are proud and loyal South Africans, they also serve as cultural voices and global advocates for peace. The band's new single "What He Means" speaks about the state of the world we all live in… "if there is grace in this world, if there is light on this earth, let us use it, let us see it, starting right now…peace, love, more tolerance."

Since forming in 1996, Just Jinjer has been "the gold standard in homegrown rock music." Their debut CD "All Comes Around" was the best-selling rock album in South African history. Sandwiched between releasing their four-platinum albums, Just Jinjer has become one of the hottest touring acts performing internationally with U2, Counting Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, Stevie Wonder, and Def Leppard among many others.

For everything else, visit www.justjinjer.com and www.myspace.com/justjinjer.


*Just Jinjer (2006)
-First international album
*Bootleg Album (2003)
*Strange World (2000)
*Here's To You (1999)
*Something For Now (1998)
*All Comes Around (1997)
-The biggest selling rock album in South African history
-Over 110,000 units sold

Set List

Shine on you
Heres to you
She knows
Till im done
fall out
Time of your life
What he means