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The best kept secret in music


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We want to Rock [cd single]

The Circus of Love, Fear & Loneliness [cd album]

I Don't Wanna Do This [cd single]

Who said dance music was dead [cd album to be released]

Star Child (Book of dreams) [Book to be released]

Star Child (Song of dreams) [cd album to be released]

Star Child (Video of dreams) [Silent film to be released)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Just Joe is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, dj and boxer from Essex. His music is best described as Moby meets the Chemical Brothers with a hint of David Bowie thrown in. Just Joe’s sound is just truelly awesome!!. Just Joe has scored a top 10 debut in the Panartist worldwide indie charts nestling in straight at no5 (www.panartist.com top 25) back in 2005. This year has seen Just Joe climb the UK Myspace charts and get thousands and thousands of plays each day.

Just Joe has also played live to a sell out audience at the 'Purple Turtle (Camden London) where he launched his E.P (Joe Music Unplugged) live and also performed alongside Paul Oakenfold at Eyelash POP (London) on top of all that he has done dj sets at the BBC headquarters and performed live in music venues in Ibiza and USA. Also recently Just Joe has signed a TV/Film and Modelling contract with Envenio who are based in London.

Just Joe has recently filmed 6 new videos that have been accepted by MTV and also is set for airplay all over the world. Just Joe's sound stretches across a wide range of genres, He has produced so far House, Techno, DnB, Rock, Industrial, Trance, Chillout, Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Alternative, Classical, Crossover, Metal and many others which he fuses together. You can find previous releases and E.P’s in stores across the USA and Canada and also online in stores like itunes.

When Just Joe is not in the studio recording, or out gigging or promoting his music he then changes to his alter ego (a kind of Jekyl & Hyde). This alter ego is the angry part of Joe that does all the boxing, cage fighting and martial arts.

The very first book written by the musician 'Just Joe' aka Joe Wheeler. 'Star Child (Book of dreams)' is the first of two books to be published. The books are about strange dreams, Experiences and visions.

In this life we all ask so many questions, we are thirsty for knowledge. Belief is a system of choice each unique person can make. This is why we are free (well not so much now because of the governments trying to dominate and watch our everyday lives). ANYWAY

I am a believer! What are you? Does belief and make belief add up to the same thing? If we can imagine something then maybe one day in the future it will be possible to make that make believe thing become a reality?

Is there a God?
If there is how do YOU see God to be?
Is there many God's?
But all in all in the land of the God's we are nothing. We mean nothing.
All our hopes and dreams get going on the open road and sometimes people drive over them and kill them off. Will you pick yourself up again and carry on driving through on your open road? or will you let your hopes and dreams die there and then?

Some of us are strong
some of us are tough
some of us are psychotic
but all of this is dwarfed just by the wonder of living!

Now I am being who I want to be
but it is catching up so fast with me
time goes by quicker, Years seem like months
so I have to make up better a newer possibilities just to keep up with myself
and now nothing is a problem!

My mind is racing, With endless possibilities of the future and the sweet promise of all the coming tomorrows is quenching my thirst

Now I need to cheat death for as long as I can so I can carry out my plans...
I want to cheat death for a long as possible so that when the time actually comes I can pull a new page and write down all iv achieved, all that iv seen, all that iv heard, learned and felt just for this paper to just crumble away just like life itself does.

I’m not wanting to cheat death because I fear it,
I’m cheating death because I want to fill my book of life with all I need to achieve before I die! How long can you cheat death for?

Iv cheated death twice

I have no fear of death
fear is just a curable disease of the mind
if left uncured its nasty and holds no mercy
just like death itself
I’m a believer
and I believe death is not the end
its a new start
a new chapter.

Below is a whole chapter taken from my book. There are 20 chapters in total.

Chapter 1

Enter the vessel of life and dreams.

Before you read any further into this book I would like to say that I am not trying to change any beliefs people have or telling them that there beliefs are wrong. This is just my opinion and for now we are all free to feel, breath, speak, think and believe what we want too. Now let me begin telling you my very long story of facts, predictions and experiences in life.

Have you ever closed your eyes and seen the man or woman inside your head? Or seen something unfamiliar?

Have you ever thought of your phone and then a few seconds later it would ring?

Do you ever close your eyes and concentrate and see an image of a relative whom had passed away?

I am sure many people have experienced these things at some point in there life. I believe we all have the power to do it but some are just blind or ignorant to it. It is easier for s