just Lawrence.

just Lawrence.


its acoustic, its emotional, and its just me. Its so many different ideas coming out of one person. Its piano and guitar and harmonica with powerful vocals.


Ive been playing guitar since i was about 13. I never really started singing and playing at the same time until I was about 18 when I worte my first song, "broken". I guess when I started, my influences were my friends, but when I started the whole singer?songwriter thing, dashboard confessional was getting some airplay and sounding like the songs I was toying around with. I guess the thing that sets me apart from other bands is that I am the band. I am onstage bymyself trying to keep the crowd energized and letting them feel what i felt when i wrote my songs. I do some occasional open mics, but right now im spending most of my time working on more upbeat tunes.


"memoirs of a dreamer EP"-2003
that was the last tim e i was in a studio, but you can hear some stuff at www.myspace.com/abraveface

Set List

i can vary my set list to accomodate the headlining act if that is the case...my set list can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour. my song list includes....1. the boat song 2. one man show 3. broken 4. minutes turn to hours 5. second chances. 6 to see you once again 7. sent to the gallows 8. presidio county 9. love to you 10. the AM 11. on the inside 12. as we do