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A long time ago, after riding around in helicopters, in that silly war that no one likes to talk about, I swapped my gun for a guitar and pencil. I hit the road to justice to see what I could see. After all I'd just fought for this particular right and needed answers for those who failed to return.

It was odd being stuck somewhere in a time warp 'tween the sixties and the seventies. People seemed to think everything had already been said and they we're into disco. What the hell's going on here! DISCO! I got caught up in it too. Not to disco, but I sold out to the corporate world just to pay my bills. Stopped performing but never dropped the pencil. Spent most of life making films and videos for the corporate world. Always independent except for a five year sentence of misery at a Denver television station. I was... and still am an artist. Not very good around structured politics and silly games.

Now so many years later... nothings really changed.
There's been three or four more wars and a bunch of recessions and crashes and smashes and personal freedoms are less now. People come and people fade away. No one seems to know how to complain or stick up for their rights. They're too busy being brain washed by the media, or being monitored by big brother and trying to pay off their debts or trying to be politically correct and most are just afraid to speak up for freedoms they've lost.
Personally my life is very simple. I'm not a rich man. No 401k's here. I'm trying to pay my debts too. Raise a family and play the games.
My escape is to write words. They can't take that freedom away. Can they?
So I'll write another song and maybe make someone's moment a little easier.