Lisa Horan

Lisa Horan


I guess this is folk music. I know some folks, anyway.


There is nothing terribly special about my life, except my music. And no one's really sure how it happened, but it did.



Written By: Lisa Horan

Outside, it's a storm
Inside, I'm still warm
My mind is a swarm
Of Music and Phrases
Of Blueses and Praises
I Choose not to Waste this
Moment that's passing
Like all other moments
And all that I'm asking's
The power to own it.
The showers' atonement
For things I forgot
Ready or not
I'm gonna show you what I brought

Do you know
What you're hearin'?
My woes n' my fears n'
My soul
Is escapin'
From my lyric shapin' lips
Like the way the wind whips
That's my main accompaniment
And the rain is comin in

I think we should lay it down
Take this sound
Make it last longer than tonight
It's stronger than the trite
You might say profound
So take this sound
And lay it down


No official CD's released just yet. I have several random recordings floating around from coffee houses, festivals, school, friends' living rooms. I'd be glad to make you a compilation. ;)

Set List

I play whatever songs occur to me at the moment. And I play for as long as I feel is appropriate.