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Hip Hop music with a mohawk and a skateboard!


Just.Live is... In many ways the hip-hop duo, Just.Live are as different as night and day: *..Just.. is from St. Paul, Minnesota. ..Live.. is from East St. Louis, Illinois. *..Just.. enjoys the soulful sounds of Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield and the legendary talent of the late hip-hop producer, J. Dilla. ..Live.. has everyone from Ashley Simpson and Martina McBride to Wyclef Jean and U2 in his iPod rotation. *..Just.. comes off as the cool and mellow type. Without saying a word, he gives off the impression that if he can..t give the conversation justice, then he..d rather say nothing at all. ..Live.. is a live wire. No matter what the topic, he's got an opinion. No matter what the battle, in his own calculated and clever way, he is prepared to put up a good fight. However, when you blend these two together, a hue of talent emerges that is unlike no other.


-single "G.O.D"
-single "UniVerSoul"
-single "Home.A Feeling"
-single "Fist Up.Soldiers Song"

Set List

"Fist Up"
15 min set, 30 min set, 45 min set