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"Music a constant in man’s life"

Date: October 14, 2005

The aroma of coffee floats on the air as the door to the coffee shop opens. Inside, a man sits, his blue eyes taking in everything around him.
Just a year ago, Noah Sanders stood in a similar coffee shop preparing to embark on a new phase of his life.
“I was so nervous… I kept shaking,” Sanders, 34, said, “As I played, I got more comfortable.”
Eight years after abandoning his work in the music industry, Sanders, now a more mature and experienced person, picked up his guitar, took to the coffee house’s stage, and began to play.
Now, he’s in a band called Noah.
Sanders and bandmates, T.J. Thompson and Marcus Brand have been working in the studio for eight months and will release a CD this month.
“It started out as a demo with just a few songs,” he said shaking his head, “and wound up being a full blown 13-song project.”
Music has played an important role in Sanders life. He firs got involved when he was 3 years old and “enthusiastically changed the lyrics of ‘Taking Care of Business’ to ‘Thank You For My Whippin.’”
In middle school, he got his hands on a flute. Then, he had to decide to either quit band or buy an instrument. He quit. Yet, not easily discouraged, at the age of 12 he purchased a $50 guitar.
Sanders taught himself the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and a new phase in his life began.
“I ended up being a singer… and it’s the singers that set up, I found I really like doing that,” Sanders said.
From behind the scenes, he watched as good bands struggled to make it in the industry. That led him to decide fame wasn’t for him. He went to school at Coastal Georgia Community College and got a degree in electronics.
“I hit a point where I was just done,” Sanders said. “I got burned out.”
As his personal life became turbulent, including a divorce, Sanders escaped to his guitar that had been sitting in the corner.
And that is what led him back to music.

- Krista Harris - The Brunswick News

"Bands play for passion, recognition"

Date: October 29, 2005

Ignoring the commotion around him, he focuses on the beat of the drum.
T.J. Thompson’s head bounces to the rhythm that reverberates throughout the entire auditorium. In just a few hours, the band will play, and some last-minute practice is an important key for a good show.
“It gets your adrenaline pumping,” said Thompson, the drummer for the band Noah. “You can’t wait to play”
Noah is just one of the three local bands that played at the Ritz Theatre on Oct. 21. The bands represent just a small part of the Golden Isles’ strong local band scene.
The problem is, many people don’t know it even exists.
“There’s the whole concept that there is no local bar scene,” said Keith Martin, production coordinator of the Ritz Theater Event. “Nobody ever knows about them.”
Martin hopes more people will realize that there are good bands out there trying to make it in the Golden Isles. As for the bands, their dedication, passion and love of music is apparent in their music and hard work.
“(Music) is a natural high,” said Jayson Copeland, who provide vocals and guitar for Dollarwead.
“It’s a great release… a positive release.”
That’s how many of the bands and their members feel about what they do. To them, performing is and art form that allows them to express many emotions.
“Its just freedom,” said Marcus Brand, bass player for Noah, “Freedom from the woes of life.”
However, that freedom can come with a price.
Many local musicians balance playing performing with other jobs.
As Noah Sanders, namesake of the band Noah, has learned. There comes a time when have to make a decision on that balance.
“I learned you have to make a sacrifice to get the promotional amount of work you need done,” Sanders said.
Working in the music industry, Sanders has seen that many bands don’t have good marketing or promotions because they don’t have the time to put them together.
He learned that bands have to make the time to promote themselves or they won’t get far.
“We’re making (the band) a priority,” said Brandon Herron, singer and guitarist for local band Waterbill.
The other Waterbill members – Brian Murphy, eric Ellis and Damian Fedorko – agree that the hardest part is agreeing on the music.
“We don’t all like the same stuff,” Ellis, the drummer, admitted.
They try to combine their tastes to create Waterbill’s mix of punk and classic rock.
As for the fans, the bands have a dedicated following thanks to word of mouth and local shows and tours.
Rust Mullins came to see the band Waterbill because he likes their style of music.
But that wasn’t his only motivation.
“There’s not much else to do,” he joked.
Jen Pullen, a fan from Dallas who saw the recent band show while visiting friends in the Golden Isles, thinks showcases for local musicians are a good idea.
“More people show up for the shows, and you get introduced to the different bands in the area,” she said.
The bands play on – hoping and dreaming of making it big. Many of the people in the bands have been playing since they were teenagers and have strong feelings for the music.
All that’s left is to find fame.

- Krista Harris - The Brunswick News

"Spotlight - Musicians Rock For Good Cause"

Date: November 26, 2005

As Christmas looms closer, there are those in the community who are in the giving spirit. One event, Holiday Hope, a community wide toy drive, is bringing together a variety of artists for a night of fun and good cheer.
“We’re asking everyone to come and bring a new, unwrapped, non-perishable toy,” Paul Lenz, president of Single Point Productions and promoter of the event, said.
Old City Hall in downtown Brunswick will be rocking to the music of the local band Noah, Meghan Coffee of Atlanta and Edwin McCain of Greenville, S.C. Each offer their own blend of music on the night of Dec. 9.
Noah can be found grooving at a variety of local scenes, including Monkey Love Dessert Bar and Gallery, with their rock beat.
“Meghan Coffee is a blend of Tori Amos and Coldplay,” Lenz said. “Edwin will have an acoustic trio show… keybards, guitar and saxophone.”
Edwin McCain has been featured on the Dr. Phil show where his top 10 song ‘I’ll Be,’ was voted the best wedding song by over a million viewers. His blend of folk, soul and rock is sure to please the crowd.
“Its going to be a very festive affair,” Lenz said. He’s expecting more than 300 people to attend.
“It would be great if everyone brought a toy,” Lenz said.
The toy drive, Holiday Hope, which benefits the Golden Isles Children’s Advocacy Center, Amity House and other children driven centers.
Over 100 tickets have already been sold and he says there’s a limit of about 325.
“When you come to they show it’s going to be a warm and wonderful Christmas party with beer, wine, coffee and hot chocolate,” Lenz said.
Holiday Hope is a toy drive that lasts throughout the holiday season. There are different drop boxes around the county, including Colonial Mall, if you can’t attend the party.

- Krista Harris - The Brunswick News

"Ga Music Mag"

Over on the coast of Georgia, Noah, the acoustic rock band freaturing songwriter and former sound engineer Noah Sanders, continues to gain followers. The debut album, Rinse and Repeat, on Still Movement Records, features a collection of thoughtful, radio friendly tunes. Catch Noah during a two-night stand April 7 & 8 at Teazers Bar and Grill on St. Simons Island. - Georgia Music Magazine

"CD Review - CD Baby"

"'Noah' is an interesting blend of acoustic pop, and alternative rock." - CD Baby -


First Floor - Out Of Thin Air (1993)
William Dragon - Just Another Story (1994)
Noah - Rinse & Repeat (2005)
"Pedestal" in regular rotation on WHFX 107.7 for three months.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Noah is an acoustic rock band that reflects a wide variety of influences while retaining a sound that is unique and catchy. They have been in the studio for over eight months recording their debut CD “Rinse & Repeat.” The songs on the CD come across as soulful and heartfelt, and range from melodic love ballads to intense songs about life’s twists and turns. ‘Pedestal’ has already been put in regular rotation on WHFX 107.7, and four tracks receive more than 1000 plays monthly on the internet.

“She twisted her toes in the sand… love the picture you draw with that…”
-Aslyn, Capitol Records Recording Artist

The band got its start in a local coffee shop where Noah Sanders performed a regular solo acoustic show. Noah’s songwriting and “real world” lyrics rapidly drew in fans of all ages and genders. Encouraged by his followers, Noah began to use his contacts from working as a professional sound engineer to get his music heard.

"I've known Noah for a long time, and I'm very glad to discover that he has become a fine songwriter and musician."
-Greg Humphreys, Hobex

Positive feedback persuaded Noah to take the next step. He formed the full band with T.J. Thompson and Marcus Brand of My Dear Allison and took the show on the road. Since then, they have performed all over the Southeast. They have showcased for the Connexion Music Festival in Las Vegas and Jacksonville and are scheduled to showcase at the Talent Rock in Orlando.