New York City, New York, USA
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Just-One is a student of the 'New-Old School', and is trying to bring lyricism back to Hip-Hop music one verse at a time. Just-One is affiliated with Disturbia Music Group & Block McCloud (Brooklyn Academy, Army of the Pharaohs) and is working on a debut to be released through the indie label DMG.


Just-One is an American Hip-Hop artist based in New York City. Often noted for his complex and spiritual lyrics, Just-One is working on his debut release with Executive Producer, Block McCloud, entitled Magnum Opus through Disturbia Music Group. The Project is tentatively set to be released as a series of three EP's forming a trilogy (Magnum Opus Black, White, Red). The album will also be preluded by a series of mix tapes featuring Just-One, Block McCloud, Krome, and Mista Misk of the Disturbia Music Group (DMG)

Just-One is a member of Terminal City Inc., a collection of musicians incorporating hip-hop lyricism, indie rock, funk, and blues singing, forming a dark, intelligent sound that also has inspiring moments. Terminal City is currently working on their debut album, "Welcome to Terminal City".

Just-One is also a member of Event Horizon, a Staten Island rock band featuring Disturbia Music Group owner/CEO, Block McCloud (Brooklyn Academy, Army of the Pharaohs).


Middle of the Night

Written By: Just-One

Verse 1
Let's get it started right (right)/ I'm a Shakespearean sonnet's conscious personified/ I'm rhyme royalty, rocking you in and out of mind/ So stay loyal, I promise to shout you out a line (right)/ This is something different for rowdy kinds/ Something magnificent, vision throughout a cloudy time (right)/ This is nothing short of a powder keg, nothing short of power, an hour from any shower head/ We keep it stuck in the dirt like, under the earth like, Just, ducking the searchlight (yeah)/ We keep it stuck in the dirt like, under the earth like, Just, ducking the searchlight/ And it's never easy when trying to live/ Tibetan Buddhists were useless to stop what China did/ I'm like a kid with a face full of mud/ Because you don't know me, and you don't know what I'm capable of/



Magnum Opus EP

Set List

India Gold (4:00)
Dreams (6:00)
No Name (3:30)
Merlot Vibes (4:20)
Killer Angels (5:00)
Panic (3:00)
Careless (3:00)
PSA (2:00)
If They Don't (2:45)
Can't Let Go (2:50)
Listen & Drop (3:25)