Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through



Whipping up a new brew of high energy Christian rock, Just Passing Thru is comprised of 4 musicians who have played and performed in the bands Three Crosses and VivaDeep, in addition to leading worship at various churches on the East coast. Their goal is to artistically weave a message of hope and appreciation for life in a way that will be best understood by the youth of our generation. The music and sound of Just Passing Thru have been compared to that of Matchbox 20 and Jars of Clay.


watch yourself

Written By: just passing thru

Watch Yourself

Watch yourself / watch your feet
A fleeting glance / ironic romance
With what you can see / shallow reality
Bless your heart / you’re so not far

you say - salt over my shoulder
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’m a good person
tell me how I can earn a
a place in heaven tonight
a place in heaven tonight

this life – better not be the
end – of reality and
all – I ever do is
hope for something beautiful
something more that I can live for

watch my step / watch my feet
I’ve been down that path / I’ve seen what you see
hole in my heart /got pretty far
bless our hearts / we’re not that far



//hope for something beautiful
something more that I can live for// 4x'z

who am i

Written By: just passing thru

Who Am I?

Who am I but a slave to my own addictions, a fool for ever folly, pinned down by past convictions
Don’t you know that who I am is more than what you see - covered by an ancient tapestry?
I used to sit back and crow and wonder how all these people could fail, could fall, not trust God.
But after living a little life, fighting a few fights, and miserably failing to do what’s right (I know that)
I am my father and his father, their folly is my friend
I am my mother and her mother, when it all comes down, it all comes down, it all comes down
I am no different in the end
I’m No better than the next – no worse than the first
Life is a path – love is a must – I say “Live, really live it or bust!”
Disappointment, contentment the closest of friends
Tribulation and elation hailing from the same nation

//I would that I weren’t what I am but I am
If I could I would but I can’t – I’m just a man// 4x’s

There is hope a light that burns in the dark
There is a Man that takes us as we are
Perfect is the bar and we are so far
It’s just pride that keeps us where we are


just passing thru-self titled
1.watch yourself
2.who am i
4.back away

Set List

1.all the time
2.watch yourself
6.not so far
8.who am i
our set is 45 min.