Justplainpaul is Indiana's glitch kid, whose live performances showcase high energy crowd involement and danceable music.


Justplainpaul hails from the midwest, creating improvisational/interactive electronic music.

Solid beats, fortified with bleeps, bloops, and zoinks, justplainpaul is a nutritious part of your complete and balanced breakfast.

Fans have described his work as "innovative", "electro fantasmo" and "pure genius".

Justplainpaul is a graduate of Ball State University, earning a BA emphasizing in Music Technology. As a professional installation technician, he installed sound systems along with colleagues in various venues and churches throughout Indiana, and has recorded and served as live engineer for several artists.

Justplainpaul also performs clinics and educates listeners as to how he creates some of his signature sounds, and is open to collaboration with many artists looking for remixes and/or post production.

Influences include Bjork, BT, Imogen Heap, Squarepusher, Mudkids and many more.


Falling From the Sky, Oscopy (feat. Classics, Cousinkill), Ocean's Go Remix (written by Classics, remixed by justplainpaul), Stay (going nowhere mix) originally by Andrew Rosborough.

Set List

None the Proud, Falling From the Sky, Xeoduct, Taste of Generations, Melt the C64, Low Level Transmission, The Energy Refuses to Die, Innerspace.

Typically nine to ten songs in each set, leaving room for an improvisational tune created on the fly using loop capture features of the sampler.