Just Plain Villains

Just Plain Villains

 Plainville, Connecticut, USA

Take a 60's style rock music and leads, mix it with 90's alternative vocals and throw in a sax to sweeten the deal...


Just Plain Villains formed when Jon and Ian met in 2008. They started off playing a few acoustic shows, opening for Dog Star Blue. In late 2009, they began playing 3 hour shows mixing percussion and separate acoustic acts.

Longtime friend Josh began sitting in with them at practices so naturally, he was in.

In January 2010, they basically forced Matt to learn how to play the bass.

At this point, Ian is on drums and the band is starting to get in the groove.

Missing Ian's lead guitar licks, in March, they brought another friend Gary.

Practicing and playing out all the time, the band developed a unique twist on everyday rock music.

A blend of sounds old and new with an of onstage energy that is unmatched.



Set List

Typical Set List Includes:
15-20 Original Full Band Songs
3-5 Covers
2 Individual Sets (Ian, Jon or Josh)(Mainly Acoustic)

3 seperate sets w/ breaks
(breaks include acoustic sets)

We can play 3+ hours