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Born in Queens, New York (September 22, 1990), but relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, Chris Allen, better known by his stage name ìJust Sincereî is a young hip hop artist . His name came from the love & sincerity he has for hip hop & music in general, as well as the realness in his music that most people can relate to. Music first sparked his interest at the age of five while following the footsteps of his father DJ Chris Preme/Sizzorhandz, his first official track was recorded at the age of thirteen. Motivated by one of his very few inspirations Joe Budden, he formed a certain rebellious style of rap. Others influenced him such as Jay-z, Pac, Royce da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, Eminem, etc.

His first album ìDa Resurrectionî was released in his senior year of high school. The feedback he received from it confirmed that he could be a fan favorite. Once graduated he spent a short period of time in college where he networked with a group of artist from Art Institute of Atlanta. Shortly after leaving he released his sophomore album ìTelekinetic Energyî. It was a different style of rap especially for Just Sincere. He based it off his anger towards the industry on their act of carelessness. After he completed the album he drifted away from music to see if that was really what he wanted.

Months after finally off his hiatus he constructed a new mixtape ìGrindtimeî which was to reassure himself & his fans that he was still capable of making good soulful music. Shortly after he linked up with a promotional group & created a compilation album titled ìSinxCityî intended for self but decided it was far greater with an alliance. Just Sincere branched away from the promotional group along with Justin Bickerstaff aka J Salmz and put together their latest mixtape ìFull Accessî. Which grew to be a serious of mixtapes in the making due to fans request!

As of right now he is trying to find his nitch as far as music goes. Regardless of the personal struggle he goes through he continues to strive to give the people good life changing music. Just releasing a snippet mixtape called ìJust Muzik Vol.1 (The 1st Chapter)î he is formatting his next album but his first ever EP entitled ""First Impression". He will continue to work to change lives & bring a new style of rap to all viewers. Dedicated & determined to make a change in reality & in his music he makes it known through his lyrics ì2 me its life, 2 yaíll its just muzikî.


Da Resurrection
Ain't Signed Yet
Telekinetic Energy
Full Access (ft. Jsalmz)
Just Muzik Vol.1
First Impression (Unreleased)