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Red hot chili peppers, Rages against the Machine, seeking Nirvana, found in Linkin Park. The Future has arrived and they are JUST.......Just Are Huge Fans of Xzibit, Big ups to the Vegetable aisle.


Just often owes their style and substance to the great West Coast hip-hop to come out of the 90’s, Without their influences, they wouldn’t have found the musical center that had made them so popular in Washington DC area.
With each show, their music gathers energy. The members of Just throw a musical spirituality into their live act, and their recording history as well. With the lyrics of Phil Galanty and the neo-grunge influences on songwriting from Jay Hutchinson, they’ve managed to create a unique, fun sound for any listener. Jay Hutchinson had often said that the musical chemistry between his style and his band members translates into the energy of a show with intricate, fun beats, driving bass-lines and a combination of silky and power-driven guitar lines – all to support the ebb and flow of Galanty’s fluid lyrics.
With Just, any show is an opportunity to display such a musical combination with the force and creativity of musical explosion.

Just Management
Jay Hutchinson



Written By: JUST

Lyrics: P. Galanty, J. Hutchinson

You try to run, you try to hide
Stay alive, avoid a nose dive
A starving artist living off of scraps, so I gotta strive
No more tears, no more fears, no more bullshitting
I was blessed with knowledge, now I gotta use what I was given
I fight through the fog, escape from the mist
The passion painful like a razor slicing right across your wrist
Ink drips on the pages to explain my manifesto
I tried to grip reality, but I couldn’t, so I let go


I took a quantum leap into the great unknown, all alone
I found my home, like a king atop his throne
I absorb all the energy, my visions unexplainable
I’m rising to a level that I thought was unattainable
I’m never coming back this is where I belong
I’m immortal, my creativeness is just too strong
I say a final farewell to that cold cruel dimension
And welcome myself to everlasting accession

Chorus x 2
How do you love when there’s only fear
How do you love
How do you see when there’s only tears (you’re eyes so full of tears)
How do you see
Show me love in a world of fear
That’s around us. That surrounds us….
It’s all around us…

The world is on my shoulders and the weight is too much
I’m fighting battles in my mind, thoughts I just can’t clutch
Sonic Boom
Blast back with a vengeance and a will to survive
I thrive until the motherfucking day that I die
I strive to make it through this daily grind
And always keep in mind that I spit for the divine
I’m feeling like I’m trapped, always looking for the answer
While the sin within, attacks my soul, spreading like a cancer

Extra, Extra

Written By: JUST

Lyrics: P. Galanty

Extra, Extra
Read all about it
Apocolypse is nearing, nothing we can do about it
There’s top secret information being leaked to the press
Leaving people with stress
The country’s a mess

We look into the future
Looking kind of bleak
People printing controversy
Exploiting the right to speak
Reporting lies and twisting stories
Vultures feeding off the dead
Leaving innocent people captured
Painting all the walls red
Scene of the crime
snapping pictures of the homicide
Editor of the paper screaming out
Let the story ride
We need the publicity
The fortune and the fame
Interview the family right now
It’s all part of the game
Aint’ no time for you to mourn
Pain is what they need to see
One week later no one cares
Right now, story of the century
Morals, throw ‘em out
What we need is a headline
How about this
The press is swinging from a thin vine

Next day, new story
Something brand new to twist
Something about a kid sat in the tub, slit his wrists
We can blame it on the hip hop or maybe even booze
Either way we got a story
There’s no way that we can lose
We’ll say the lyrics made him do it
Blame it all on the culture
Like they say, to them, we’re still nothing
But a bunch of vultures
Tamper with the evidence
They’ll never know the truth
Hit ‘em hard of the front page
They’ll never know the truth
Got ‘em hook, line, sinker
Got this in the bag
Who cares about the name that you read on the toe tag
People want controversy
Cause and effect
Blame it on the music
Make ‘em all lose respect

Mine For You

Written By: JUST

Mine for You
Lyrics: P. Galanty, J. Hutchinson

Hey… what’s your name?
Aren’t you the one I see in my
Dreams every night the test was right.
Stay...why don’t you stay?
Who’s to say saying what you do isn’t
Saying too much for your tact?
In that case, I won’t waste my time.
Marry me now with the ring that I made for you,
Out of a dollar bill…

Mine For you? Touch me and I love
Please don’t wake me.
Mine for you? I will won’t you die?
And for you it’s only a Smile…

Welcome everybody
Step, step right up
Smoke and mirrors all around
Got you all messed up
Fess up, you know you want it
And that’s just how I play the game
Don’t even be mad cause you’re looking for someone to blame
I sell myself
Just exactly how I want them to look
I bait ‘em up, and then I’m sinking in my devious hook
They come on running back
Time after time and again
Foolish men, falling victim now and then
All sitting ducks just waiting on a broken heart
They provide the perfect part
I provide the poison dart
Ignorance is bliss in this life
It’s a victimless crime
Come on down
One at a time


We gain something
in every situation
Even when a bitch got us locked up in frustration
Incarceration is how I feel in my mind
Feeling like this girl is just wasting all of my time

Know that she would
Know that she would

Mojave Rain

Written By: JUST

Mojave Rain
Lyrics: P. Galanty, J. Hutchinson

As the colors touch the canvas
And the sun begins to rise
We awoke inside the ride
On the journey of our lives
Skipping across the Mississippi
Rolling with our caravan
Never even had a plan, but knowing where we stand
Wheels rolling, burning rubber
Gasoline fills the air
Living up in the moment is one you can’t compare
Greatest feeling right now
Is that we’re only half way there

Chorus x 2
On a path on a mission,
In the past are the visions
of the days that have come;
work that was done.
To proceed to the SUN,
I can breath, I can breath but
There’s no need to RUN.

It’s just a beautiful night
When you can get out of sight
Just sit back relax, catch a contact
And let the music take over your soul, and grab hold

It’s just a beautiful night
When you can get out of sight
And Just sit back relax, catch a contact
And let the music take over your soul, and grab hold

Mojave rain in the desert
Burning rubber on a warm day
The terrain explains the sustain
Of such a perfect vision
Every drop fits the mural
Why can’t I just let go
And as the bitterness leaves me
All I see up ahead are the winds blowing
I stay sewing my oats
But for now
I relax and just live up in the moment
This is one you can’t duplicate, copy, clone it
It is here, it is now, no tomorrow
No stress, no fear, no hate, no sorrow
Ask the sun to borrow one more minute
He replied, just for you
I shine now ‘til infinite

Chorus x 2

It’s just a beautiful night
When you can get out of sight
Just sit back relax, catch a contact
And let the music take over your soul, and grab hold

It’s just a beautiful night
When you can get out of sight
And Just sit back relax, catch a contact
And let the music take over your soul, and grab hold

It’s just a beautiful night

When you can get out of sight

Just sit back relax, catch a contact

And let the music take over your soul

It’s just a beautiful night

To let the music take over your soul


Dolphin Milk - EP
Mine For You - LP
My Time - Single - Radio Airplay on KCLA 99.3FM, CRNI 107.3FM and IRADIO 91.7FM, plus 408 other affiliates across the United States and the UK!

Set List

Fade Away
Rise Up
Mine For You
The Zoo
Extra Extra
Mojave Rain

We normally play for at least an hour at most venues, but have played as little as 30 minutes and at most 3 hours with covers. We prefer to have between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours.

If we choose to incorporate cover songs in our set, we tend to play some of the following tunes:

Breaking The Girl - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Say it Ain't So - Weezer
California Love, G-Thing - Dr.Dre
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
Stuck in the Middle - Steelers Wheel
Santeria - Sublime
Killing in The Name - Rage Against the Machine
Across the Universe - The Beatles