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Just Theo

Fairburn, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Fairburn, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Soul


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Skater, poet, rhyme spitter, superb super smash bros player, are words that best describe Just Theo. Being one of the most propitious rappers in the Atlanta area it was only right that i interviewed the 18 year old artist. Subjects range from his upcoming EP Earth Climate that will be released on New Years, Soul Society, his former rap group, why you should listen to his music and much more. The interview can be read after the jump.

Yoh: First off welcome too the TapeDeck! For the people unfamiliar, could you give us a small introduction?
Just Theo: First of all , my name is Theo and I’m glad that you actually gave me this chance to expand myself , I’ve been writing poetry since I was 10 and I currently just turned 18 on the day I released #AssholeByNature ( Sept 13. ) My rap name is :”Just Theo ” , reason being is that my name is actually Just Theo in the sense that ” Theo ” isn’t short for anything , I hate when people call me Theodore
Yoh: Lol word. What was it like transitioning from writing poetry to becoming a recording hip-hop artist?
Just Theo: I honestly had to be forced into recording , two of my old friends ( Trey And Kamari ) decided to start a group one day , and that’s when it all started , they convinced me into rapping , I honestly sucked at first but over time I started progressing , the writing always came naturally, but when it came down to flowing I was a little edgy .
Yoh: What was the name of the group? And are you guys still working together?
Just Theo: Lol , we struggled on creating a name , we never had a set name , and no everybody went on their own path , one created his own tape the other started producing and playing baseball .
Yoh: So Just Theo, what about your music makes it a must listen. Give the people a reason to want your music on their iPod, zunes, iTunes, ect.
Just Theo: Well , the stuff I say a lot of people can relate too , if you’re a loner , a weed smoker , a person who goes through a lot of pain , or anyone who has a passion for real hip hop can enjoy my lyricism . When I write , I write metaphors that come from the soul . I don’t rap about the typical things , I simply just talk about how I’m feeling , and I may get a little conscious at times . I also try my hardest to be as creative as I can , I like to think of writing as challenging myself to outdo the last verse I wrote . no further explanations . http://justtheo.bandcamp.com says it all .
Yoh: Check him out! Now you have a secret project dropping soon. Can you give us some insight on that project?
Just Theo: Earth’s Climate dropping on new years . It started off as a 5 track tape , but I decided to expand it . It’s basically me expressing my emotions through the weather and conditions of the world .
Yoh: So would you consider it a personal project?
Just Theo: It depends on which sense of personal , personal as in no features no , personal as in deep emotions yes . I like to let my friends that rap have some shine , just like Dom said ” no famous features let my niggas do it ” I stay true to my close friends who I think deserve as much of a chance as I do .
Yoh: I was talking in a emotional context but it’s dope you allow your homies to tell their stories as well. Now your currently living in Georgia. Do you find it difficult to get your music to massive ears being in a place where there’s a large number of artist attempting the same?
Just Theo: Not at all because it’s all about who you know , if you know the right people promotion comes as you progress . One day my brother @Vontae_ went out of town to SC , an old mane came up to him and said he was destined for success ( lol not a drugged out old man ) he was quite wise and I know if Vontae makes it I’ll be right there with him . vice versa .
Yoh: Word. I agree with that. Who you know does have a effect on your appeal. So with the new year right around the corner what’s some things Just Theo would like to accomplish?
Just Theo: Lol , Levi . I can’t lie I look up to that man that’s like a brother him and the rest of the DPF fam . I want to expand my fan base and start doing more shows out of state . Get another blog post by 2dope , drop my first official ALBUM , and learn to fully humble myself . I can be a cocky bastard .
Yoh: All reachable goals. Just 18 makes you pretty young. If a career in music doesn’t work out, do you have a backup plan?
Just Theo: As always I’ll be living that skate life and working towards being a lawyer giving all black males a fair chance in this society of supreme struggle * slave voice *
Yoh: LOL!!! Best of luck with that. What can you tell us about soul society?
Just Theo: Well for one , I’m one of their artist . It’s a clothing line Started by Javahn and Trey , they’ve been supporting me from the start , Javahn is like fam to me ol bietch ahh . you can find out more at http://soulsocietyclothing.com. The reason why I decided to become an artist for them is because I want to give them as much support as they give me .
Yoh: Will be sure to check out their clothes! Just got a few more questions and it’s a wrap sir.
1. Name some of your biggest inspirations? And any musical artist you’d like to work with
2. Top 5 rappers. DOA?
3. Biggest difference between Ass Hole By Nature and Earths Climate?
4. If the world ends in 2012 what is one thing you’ll regret you werent able to do?
5. What does success mean too Just Theo?
Just Theo: 1. My biggest inspirations are Lupe Fiasco , Blu , XV ,Edgar Allan Poe , Mos Def , Black Thought , Common , Nas , Kanye West , And Bob Marley . and I really wanna work with all of my inspirations plus Kendrick Lamar , Talib Kweli , and any other artist of that nature .
2. Sheesh , this is hard after the first 2. Big L , THE OLD LUPE FIASCO , Common , Mos Def , and * Coughs * Theo . nah NAS !!!
3. Lol , I was being a cocky bastard on ABN , but on Earths Climate you can hear more emotion
4. Give my girlfriend everything she deserves .
5 . Sheesh , I have a boring cliche answer for this question . Success is what you make it , that’s something that’s hard for me to define , success is when your goals are completed to the best of your abilities ? ehh .
Well yeah , I thank you again for this opportunity mane .
Shoutout to @THETAPEDECK , @Soul_Society , @KarpeClothing , DPF , @Vontae , @MilanMack , and http://justtheo.bandcamp.com
P.S . fuck rap . I can’t rap , I just cry about how I can’t sleep and how depressed i am on beats . word to @GarySamurai - TheTapeDeck


Theology - May31st 2012



Theo " Just Theo " Gibson is a hip-hop artist who always had a passion for poetry. He was always influenced and inspired by his idol " Lupe Fiasco ". At Age 14 Theo's close friend " Kamari Wright " Inspired him to get serious and start doing poetry/music as a career. Now Theo is doing all he can to make it to the top , All he needs is your support. #HipHopIsAlive less