Just The Tip

Just The Tip

 Plano, Texas, USA

Rock N' Roll straight up. Imagine if you were to rob a bank, this is what you would want to listen to when doing so.


Forming out of a mutual passion for rock music, the members of Just the Tip live and breath music. Jon (Guitar), Carlo (Bass) and Alex (Drums) all met while working at a music store in a Dallas suburb. Realizing that they had musical chemistry they decided to form a band. Jared (lead singer) would move down to Texas to finally form the band. The quartet got a practice spot and moved in, practicing regularly, writing music and evolving their sound. "Just the Tip" was a name born out of a combination of drinking at the neighborhood bar and anxiously needing a band name before their first official show. After all, a band can't go on without a name, right?

Just the Tip is quickly making a name for themselves amongst local musicians and local music fans in the Dallas area. With every new show, a new fan is surely born. The music styling is a heavier riff-oriented rock feel. With pounding drums, catchy baselines, complex guitar riffs and intense vocals, Just the Tip creates layered music that gives a whole new meaning to good music.

Jared & Jon:
Both born and in Pennsylvania met each other at age 14 and started making music. Through the years, they've been separated by different states but always maintained their mutual love for making music. Keeping in contact throughout the years has brought them together for Just the Tip as vocalist and guitarist respectively.

A fan of many music genres brings his perspective to Just the Tip as the bassist.

A wild spirit with an even wilder drum style sets the pace for the all out rock of Just the Tip.

Bar buddies, Roommates, Co-workers and musicians -- Just the Tip


I Think You Think

Written By: Jared Fidler

She's a fighter, America's daughter
I know you, I think you think too much
Say rebellious, have another
I know you, I think you think too much

She goes back to the water
All the lights have changed
She's callin' on sunny days

She's been running, all her life now
I see, and so she breathes this stuff
Come and walk on, the ground with us
I know you, I think you think too much

Acts of rebellion, burden you so
I know you, I think you think too much

Master Controller

Written By: Jared Fidler

How can a head get straight on, shortened plates + sharpened tongues
I needed excitement, would you be the one
Recieved a potent answer, and then again she talked to me
Please don't stop now, your all i need right here

I'd love to see you on a Saturday Night Hunny

If your looking for action, my house, my way
If your lookin for romance, your heart, Ill break
I just want to see you, riding on top of me
If your looking to get in, here's your chance

Well I think it'll be OK

Your such a lovely darling, even on a well lit afternoon
It doesn't matter, 'cos i will have you soon
We'll be pushin it deeper, and so we're off to oblivion
I just want to have some fun, can't we have some fun

I'd love to see you on a Saturday Night Hunny

Well I think it'll be OK
Well I think it'll be OK
Well I think it'll be Ok