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Point of Entry, Worcester, Massachusetts 1954
Dad was a corporate gypsy ( an actor deep inside) Veteran of WWII and Korea, who kept the family on the move every 4 years. Mom-an excellent homemaker and Mother of 4. A Pianist , Dancer, Artist of extraordinary undiscovered talent.

Throughout my schooling period, I was involved in Theatre as an actor, chorus, stage hand. My college time was absorbed with television production, writing, producing, directing and postproduction editing,

Ran the sound board a few times for "The Frankie Michaels Road Show - a 1970's lounge band and a Prog Rock band called Milestone. I produced/directed videos for Jack Knox Entertainment in Lowell, Massachusetts. His company worked primarily with Wedding Band bookings.

The one common thread that has wound itself through my life has been my music. It varies day to day from guitar, to sing, to just sitting down at the keyboard and letting the stresses and pleasures of life for that day slip from my fingers onto the welcoming keys.

During the 1990's, several pieces of my music were used for several on going cable television programs.
Programs ran for 104 weeks.


Maine Message-Evolution Revolution

Written By: Charles G Johnson

“Maine Message-Evolution Revolution"
Charles Johnson aka.Justus Thyme
© 1995

We change our lives forever,
By ignoring all the problems that we see.
Gotta find ourselves protection,
From all the lies and deceit.

And I see the world as it turns
And the men that control our fate
They can’t see, the time has come,
C Em6 Fm6 Gm6 Fm6
To put their guns away,

Put their guns away, put their guns away, today.

Chords repeat

The final cards are turning,
Politicians turn away.
Whose left to stop the madness,
as these powers destroy the way.

And I know the fear that you feel,
Its getting much stronger each day.
Its time to stand, stand up for yourselves,
Just don’t forget to pray,
Don’t forget to Pray, don’t forget to pray, today.

Have you seen the signs around you,
Mother earth is quite upset.
So much chaos and confusion,
you can see it on your TV set.

Do you care what happens to them,
They’re people like you and me.
A different song, a different prayer,
Its all the same to me.
All the same to me.

Are they killing for religion,
Or some other man made scheme.
They cannot make a sound decision,
to which God they should speak.

And I know this is quite absurd,
Only one voice speaks to me,
It happens to be the sum of them all.
God it so plain to see.
So plain to see.

Good bye for now our children,
guess I’ll see you on another fine day,
hope you can pull it together,
cause forever is not far away.

And I’ll think of you when my time comes,
to remember the friends in my life.
And how we talked about seeing the truth,
And the hope of a peaceful life.
There’s hope for a peaceful life.

Bridge Chords

B Cm6 B Cm6 B Am6 Gm6 Fm6 Gm6
Fm6 Gm6 A G A G A G

Charles Johnson aka: Justus thyme
1808 White Pond Road
Athol, Massachusetts 01331
(978) 249-9372


Albumn - Light at Tunnel's End - Streaming in entirety can be found at: www.justusthyme.com

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