Marqo 2 Fresh

Marqo 2 Fresh

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopPop

In Brief Marqo 2 Fresh is one of the original co-founders and is the lead artist emerging from the collective. Marqo is the definition of hard work and dedication passing by many obstacles on the way there..


The Atlanta based collective based out of Zone 6. Artists consist of Marqo 2 Fresh, Lazy B , Big Los and Lucci Sosa. They were friends before the music and continued diligently through tough times to transform the streets into a productive music career.

Set List

1. FWM - Prod by The Drumaticz
2.Trap Talkin' - Prod by The Drumaticz
3. Rockstar Statuz - Prod by The Drumaticz
4. Zone 6 Rock Star - Prod by The Drumaticz