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You can describe Juven as Eccentric, Spaced-out, Unique, Creative, Great music, and fresh young talent from the south.


Its 2010, and Juven is ready to get involved with the majors. Juven is keeping himself busy, networking with major representatives and producing for various artists. He is currently working on his solo album and producing Suspense’s (Myspace Invasion Pt. 5 artist) album.

You can call him Juven or Juvenbeatz. He is great at both rapping (Juven) and producing (Juvenbeatz). Juven, Lee Edward Adams Jr., was born in Almeda, CA, on June 12, 1986. Juven and his mother moved to Bogalusa, LA, in 1993. At the age of 13, he began his fascination with Hip Hop. He started writing lyrics in his school notepads the very first time he heard Busta Rhymes’ album, “When Danger Strikes. At the age of 16, Juven recorded his first full length album using only the included microphone on an outdated Compaq computer. Furthermore, there were no DAWs accessible to him back then, so Juven had to perfect his flow and record whole songs in just one take

Even with a low recording quality, Juven’s album shined because of his unique voice, style, and passion. He sold hundreds of his CDs throughout his small hometown of Bogalusa. Fueled by this success, he sent off his album to various major labels. Some major labels actually made calls to his house. No one knew until much later, because his mother kept it a secret from him. She felt that it was more pertinent for him to finish high school.

Juven now resides in Houston, TX. At 23 years old, he is vigorously pursuing his dream of Hip Hop. As a producer, Juven has been crafting his beats for 7 years now. In 2009, he landed major song and production spots on popular mixtapes hosted by well known DJs. You can check his placements on “Myspace Invasion Pt. 5,” hosted by DJ Green Lantern (worked with G-Unit records, Shady Records, Ludacris, and more). You can also find him on P. Brown’s “Street Talk Vol. 1 & 2,” hosted by DJ Sense (works closely with DJ Drama, Trey Songz, Jay-Z and more).


1.Song:Juven - Freak Show. Album: Myspace Invasion Pt. 5 Hosted by Dj Green Lantern.
2.Song: Teek Da Don ft. Juven - Dance Flo. Album:Myspace Invasion Pt. 5 Hosted by Dj Green Lantern.
3.Song: Dc ft. Juven - Wat It Do. Album: Myspace Invasion Hosted by Dj Green Lantern.
1. Dance Flo, Street Talk Vol. 1 & 2. Hosted By Dj Sense

Set List

30 Min. Set
*Gone Work
*Dance Flo
*What It Iz