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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Charanga Habanera Regresa 2 Años después, en Toronto"

David Calzado escoge la ropa de la banda y entre todos arreglamos los pasos de baile, los movimientos... Pero aquí mismo, al lado mío tengo a Juventino "El Chico Divino" o Juve como le decimos de cariño, quien estudió en La Escuela de Danza en Cuba..., y bueno imagínate como deben ser los ensayos con un bailarín profesional al lado... (riéndose) ...el nos ayuda muchísimo con eso de la coreografía.


David Calzado choses the band wardrobe and the entire group together picks their dance steps, the movements...But here, next to me I have Juventino, "The Devine Boy," Juve, as we have come to call him with a lot of care, has studied at The School Of Dance in Cuba.... and well, imagine how it is at the rehearsals with a professional dancer by your side...(laughs)...he helps us a lot with his choreography.
- http://www.torontohispano.com/entretenimiento/cuba/2007/entrevista_charanga_nov07/main.shtml

"Concepto Charanguero"

En la actualidad se puede observar un espectaculo similar donde las coreografias son realizadas tambien de una manera excelente...... donde sobre sale uno de los cantantes y bailarines "juventino" el cual tambien nos tienes acostumbrado ha unos buenos saltos y piruetas q acompañan las coregrafias de los bailes.

In actuality you can observe a similar act where the choreography is also put together in an excellent manner...where one of the singers/dancers stands apart from the rest "Juventino" he who also has accustomed us to his jumps and flips that accompany his choreography. - http://mundocharanguero.blogspot.com/2008/05/concepto-charangueroayer-hoy-y-siempre.html


"Me Palpita"
"Sigo Piensando em Ti"
"No Tengas Miedo"
"Nadie Podra Separar"
"Se Me Falta Su Amor"
"El Amor es Dolor"



If it were necessary to describe Juventino Mendoza artistically in one word, the correct adjective to use would be multifaceted. He is one of those young Cuban artists rarely seen in the entertainment world and that when given the opportunity to come to light surprises many. This is due to the many facets that he can develop on stage, his extensive training and his charming personality.

He is a native of the province of Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, and was born into a family that always knew how to appreciate the art of music, instilling in him since he was a child, respect and love for music. His older brothers, like their father, were musicians, while his mother was a singer. When the family would throw a party, Juve, as they called him, was called to be part of the rumba. The same opportunities presented themselves to him when his father began to conduct an orchestra and invited him to play on stage at merely five years of age.

Raised in this atmosphere, Juventino acknowledged that he loved what his family did to the point of wanting to imitate them immensely. "I was fascinated with the auditions that were always held in my house. At the end of each day the instruments were stored in my room, and taken in by it all, I began to connect the piano and congas wanting to learn how to manipulate them, and this became my favorite pastime," says the talented youth about his first approaches to music.

As he grew older, his desire to become a musician grew stronger. At ten years of age he decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents and enrolled in a local music school where he started to learn how to play percussion. He had an understanding from early on that his calling was not only to be an instrumentalist but it was to become a "showman" capable of unfolding many different talents. For this reason, he wanted to further his “showman” capabilities and joined the House of Culture, which offered him the opportunity to display his skills in dance, becoming part of many presentations of international dance.

For health reasons, he had to return home to finish the remaining half of his studies. During his stay, one of his aunts informed him that there would be auditions held to join a prestigious dance academy in Havana.

"That same night without any hesitation, I left excitedly looking forward to participate in these auditions, the art was my calling and I could not pass up the opportunity," he says while his eyes shine with only memories of that emotional day. After auditioning he returned home with the hope that they would call back.

After two months, he received with joy the expected call and rushed back to Havana, this time alongside his father. Once there, he was given the bad news that he would not be able to participate due to his height since being part of the dance group, required him to be 5’6”.

He was so disappointed that his father suggested they wait while and the jurors made their final decisions. At two o’clock, the jurors returned and one of the dancer’s they had approved went missing. Needing to fill that empty spot, they allowed him to participate in the group!

His acceptance meant that he had to move to the Cuban capital to train for four years at the School of Spectacular Musicals. There he took classes in dancing, singing and acting. Upon graduating from there, he was invited to join a Ballet that aired on Cuban television. This was his first formal job as a professional dancer, appearing daily in the national small screen.

"For me it was a great experience because, although at first I felt a little nervous, I got used to performing and remained there for eight years” he says. At this time another casting arose and gave him the opportunity to visit Spain alongside Maria Jimenez, one of the most important classical dancers of the "Motherland," in a show called "Black and White," which also featured the music of the Canarian singer Rosana.

Through the course of his studies, something unexpected happened. A businessman that was seeking a dancing singer approached him by referral from a friend, and offered him the opportunity to sing live in Aruba in a show for tourists that visited the country. This was definitely a challenge for him as he had never sung professionally before. He said he felt as if he had been thrown in the flames.

Overcoming his fears and accepting the challenge, the situation became a great learning experience that paved the way for him to launch himself in a new direction. "At the show, singing songs from famous artists like, Alexander Pires, Chayanne, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan, I became a success. The producers gave me singing lessons and helped me further enhance my talents by allowing me to be me on stage," he says modestly, realizing that he was slowly becoming a stellar figure of full production.
His rapid popularity made the show a huge success and the organizers wanted to renew his contract after his second year w