JVigil is a Seattle-based pop and R&B artist whose music breathes new life into a scene already known for its talent and innovation.


JVigil is Seattle’s newest pop and R&B sensation. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, JVigil now resides in the emerald city and breathes new life into a music scene already known for its talent and innovation. JVigil’s self-titled debut album was released in 2012 and was well received by fans and music interests. Several of JVigil’s songs are currently playing in retail locations across the country and the artist has attracted thousands of fans on RadioAirplay.com. JVigil released ‘Blackout’ in October of 2012, the lead off song from JVigil’s forthcoming album. The song received four out of five stars from music critic C.W. Hill who wrote “Dance music merges with R&B and electronica on this energetic and catchy number. It’s music designed to get people up and on the dance floor and seems to be quite capable of that feat.” JVigil’s next album is expected to be released in 2013 and in the meantime the artist continues to focus on promoting his first record and latest single through live performances and soon to be released music videos. “It will be interesting to see what else this performer creates moving forward.” writes Hill. “We’re just getting started. We’re at the beginning of a journey and I couldn’t be more thrilled!” writes Vigil.


Nov 2011: Beware - Single
Jan 2012: JVigil - Full length album
October 2012: Blackout - Single
(In Development) Second full length album - release timing 2013

Set List

1. Slide (3:37)
2. Drop It (3:03)
3. You'll Never Know (3:27)
4. Stay or Leave (4:07)
5. Mr. Nice (2:45)
6. Carefree (3:32)
7. Dangerous (3:34)
8. Secret Love (4:04)
9. Beware (3:41)
10. Blackout (3:31)

JVigil's newest set list is currently in development in support of his forthcoming album. Additional details can be shared at your request.