All my lyrics come from true raw emotion. Whatever the song says, thats what I truly feel when writing it


My career is a chef but I,ve been writing since I was in high school. My inspiration is life itself and its many facets. Life is a great muse.


Second Best

Written By: Janeen A. Volosevich

We don’t go back very far,
But long enough to feel
The way I do when you smile at me,
So true and so real
We’ve become more like friends, over time,
A safe love for sure
Now you’re with some other love,
But I want more.

If I have to take a backseat for your happiness,
I’ll be right behind
As for my love for you, it’s the ultimate test,
I’ll learn how to be second best.

I still live to see your face,
When you have the time to spare.
The need to hold you and kiss your lips,
Sometimes you seem so unaware
I know you and I could never be
The lovers that I wish us to be
Somewhere in your heart,
I hope you feel that love for me.

Twenty years from now,
I hope I still make you smile
I hope you think of me when you can
You’re the one that made my life worthwhile
And know that with the last beat of my heart,
I’ll forever be your biggest fan

If I have to take the backseat for your happiness,
I’ll be behind you all the way.
The love I feel for you
Has been put to the test,
I never wanted….
To Be…
Second Best