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"Review by the Daily Tarheel Newspaper (Chapel Hill, NC)"

J. Weathers
For the Kingdom
3.5 stars out of 5 possible

By: Adam Wright, Staff Writer

If J. Weathers won an award for his rhymes, he might be one of the few rappers to thank God and mean it.

With his new work, the UNC alumnus produces a Christian rap album strong both in its beliefs and its beats. An artist of true passion and heart, For the Kingdom could led Weathers down a path to breakout success and beyond.

The rapper pulls off his best Kanye with "Don't Stop," an infectious track about, surprise, God and all things related.

However, Weathers smartly draws in nonbelievers with fresh and funky beats that sound more like the fare of an established DJ than an up-and-coming niche artist.

Success continues with "My G-O-D" thanks to more fiery production. The album's most dance-club-worthy track, Weather uses his hooks here to take his lyrics to their highest condemnatory level.

The fornicators of the world might not like what the rapper has to say, but they'll definitely enjoy bumpin' and grindin' along.

However, not every track on For the Kingdom is as holy as one would hope.

On "All of the Above," Weathers' rhymes are stumbled and scattered. Descriptions of Jesus as a man who did "more dangerous stunts than Jackie Chan" do more damage to an otherwise fine piece of work than perhaps anything else on the album.

But therein lies the paradox of Weathers' art: Does one examine his work as a piece of music, or more as a rhythmic sermon?

It would be easy to say For the Kingdom serves as both, but can that statement be taken as truth even when the artist's true intentions are so blatantly clear?

Regardless, Weathers' talent has the potential to take him to higher places of any kind, both spiritual and commercial.

With tracks this nice, maybe Heaven can wait.

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- Daily Tarheel


LPs - For the Kingdom (2006) - Singles include My
GOD, Don't Stop, and Gospel Glide.

EPs - Soul Rocka Mixtape (2008)



The son of a locally renowned pastor, Jason grew up fascinated by the power of music. From an early age, Jason could be found making beats and melodies with devices such as electronic pianos, turntables, and karaoke machines. Artists such as Enya, the Isley Brothers, Boyz 2 Men, Linkin Park, Nas, Notorious BIG, and 2pac made impacts on Jason's understanding of the rhyme, the melody, the groove, the energy, the sincerity, and the imagination that makes up a good song. He committed his heart to Christ Jesus at the age of 7 but spent the next 13 years searching for identity and fulfillment. Such an experience has given Jason's music an intense feeling of forward progress. He lost his father at the age of 17 due to health complications resulting from alcohol use. He turned to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity to provide relief from the inner pain and burdensome questions that stemmed from such a loss. Music offered Jason a transcendant escape from a confusing and seemingly existential reality for a moment, if not for a lifetime, which has resulted in him being driven to bring supernatural transcendence to his listeners through his music.

Jason went on to college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began chasing his dream of rap stardom with a college friend until He flunked out after his sophomore year. It was at this time where Jason rededicated His life to Christ Jesus and vowed to forever live a lifestyle in keeping with this commitment. Jason eventually graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in December of 2003. Having been prompted by his college sweetheart and future wife, Jason began using his musical gift once more in 2002. However this time, his aim was not to gain stardom but rather to change lives for the sake of Christ Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Gospel rap artists such as Cross Movement, Lecrae, Pettidee, Da Truth have enhanced Jason's understanding of his craft and inspired his growth as a producer and performer. Yet Jason's perspective is unique and intriguing in that it gives listeners a sense that a relationship with Christ Jesus equals PERPETUAL ADVENTURE.

Jason has gained local noteriety in a short period of time, having performed at community and church events as well as at larger venues such as the Black Family Reunion (DC) and the Shirley Caesar "Wilt Thou Be Made Whole" Conference (NC) - sharing the stage with artist such as Vickie Yohe and Tonex. Jason has also been featured on the "Takeover Show" with host JT on Heaven 1580 WPGC-AM Washington. He is also a licensed minister of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and ministers through preaching and teaching with his wife Cynthia throughout the country.

Jason's attitude toward life can be summed up in 3 words: There is more. This mindset has prompted Jason to take like-minded and like-hearted independent artists under the wing of his independent urban gospel label - Above Only Entertainment Group - where he is working diligently to effectively reach the world with the powerful message of conquest and dominion through Christ Jesus.