J. Wesley Haynes Trio

J. Wesley Haynes Trio

 Austin, Texas, USA

Jazz fusion that is very accessible yet dark and complexed. The music consists of original compositions and covers ranging from film scores, jazz standers, and songs from indie bands like Radio Head, Pixies, Yo La Tango, and many others. Instruments are Rhodes, Organ, Upright Bass, and Drums.


Wes Haynes moved to Austin, TX in 2008 and formed the J. Wesley Haynes Trio with Will Jones and Matt Shepherd. By 2010 had recorded three full length EPs and an instrumental interpretation of Radio Heads Album Kid A, released under Township Records. Currently Haynes is playing with Brendan Vlass, and Cameron Page, and is promoting the most current release Kid J, the interpretation of Radio Head's album Kid A.


Vol. 1 Released 2010
1)Hot and Bothered
2)Mindless Entertainment
3)Sweet Lime
5)Dark Wave
6)Bob and Dottie
7)Standard Pleasure Model

Vol. 2 Unreleased
1)Blues for Sale
2)Daz A Good Animal (not a mean animal)
3)Twin Peaks
4)Kei, Kei
5)Varun Atree
7)What About We

Vol. 3 Unreleased
2)Eleven After
4)4 on 6
5)Sentimental Let Down
6)Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
7)I'm Here
8)Good to be Down

Kid J Released 2011 with Township Records
1)Everything in it's Right Place
2)Kid A
3)National Anthem
4)How to Disappear Completely
5)Tree Finger
7)In Limbo
9)Morning Bell
10)Motion Picture Soundtrack

Set List

Hot and Bothered
Mindless Entertainment
Sweet Lime
Dark Wave (Stephen Malkmus)
Bob and Dottie
Standard Pleasure Model
Blues for Sale
Daz A Good Animal (not a mean animal)
Twin Peaks (Angelo Badalamenti)
Kei, Kei
Varun Atree
What About We
Roundmidnight (Thelonious Monk)
Eleven After
81 (Miles Davis)
4 on 6 (Wes Montgomery)
Sentimental Let Down
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Joe Zawinul)
I'm Here
Good to be Down
Hey (Pixies)
Halloween (John Carpenter)

Radio Head
Everything in it's Right Place
Kid A
National Anthem
How to Disappear Completely
Tree Finger
In Limbo
Morning Bell
Motion Picture Soundtrack